Staying cool in Brisbane this summer


Keeping your eye on the thermometer and seeing tops of 29 and 30 (or even higher)? How do you keep cool outdoors? Summer is definitely on its way back – if not already here! While the weather is perfect for outdoor adventures (food trucks and refrigerated trucks making their ultimate season entrance) it can still…
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5 Awesome November Events You Might Not Know About (But Should)

Awesome November Events

With Halloween out of the way, it seems the next big event is Christmas, but there’s a lot to look forward to here in Southeast Queensland this November 2016. These massive food and beverage events, powered by refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms, are definitely events you need to check out if you’re in the…
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Catering a Halloween Party in Southeast Queensland

Catering a Halloween Party

With Halloween right around the corner and living in Queensland, that definitely means an outdoor party, but how are you going to cater your outdoor Halloween party? In this post, we share some tips for catering a Halloween party in Southeast Queensland, so you can serve some spookily awesome food and beverages and keep it…
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Oktoberfest 2016

oktoberfest 2016

“Noch Ein Bier Bitte!” memorise that if you’re planning on going to Oktoberfest and want another beer. From Beer to Dirndls, Pretzels to Lederhosens, Oktoberfest is the ultimate festival to celebrate all things German! Originating in Munich, it’s known as the largest folk festival in the world. A wonderful event to get together with family,…
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3 Reasons why temporary refrigeration is essential for a seasonal business

Seasonal Business

Do you operate on a season to season business? If you’re in the mobile food and/or catering industry, chances are you operate seasonally, even if all year-round your produce will change as the seasons do. In this post, we share 3 reasons why you temporary refrigeration is essential for a seasonal business. Mobility Traditional businesses…
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How refrigeration changed the way we look at food

Brisk Refrigeration

Can you imagine life without refrigeration? How about having an ice box at home that needs to be constantly replenished? Refrigeration (aka artificial cooling) is one those modern wonders that many of us take for granted, how much to have mobile refrigeration. Food preservation Think of what’s in your fridge right now. Even though we…
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