Entertaining and food safety


Gathering with friends and family for a celebration is always a great time. But preparing a lot of food for a lot people can get risky, especially when you’re catering during the holidays and your guests can be so diverse, from young children and pregnant women to vegetarian friends and senior family members. In this…
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Brisbane’s top home Christmas lights displays


The holiday season is here and it’s not just about shopping, eating and drinking. Every year families from all over the world decorate their house in magical Christmas lights – capturing the imagination of children and adults alike. In this post, we share a few of the beautiful Brisbane houses that are decorating their houses…
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Cool tips for summer entertaining


Summer is here, and if you’re like most Aussies wanting to make the most out of the great weather, for sure you’ll be planning to spend some of your time outdoors – camping, fishing, throwing a beach BBQ, and maybe even attending music or sporting events. Summer holidays mean you’re also going to be around…
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The numerous benefits of a mobile cold room


Not quite sure as to whether or not a mobile cold room is a worthwhile choice for your next personal or professional event? There are numerous benefits to hiring a mobile cold room that go beyond simple convenience. In this blog, we will be offering a quick look at some of the main ones. They’re…
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5 tips to help you cool down


We’re now into the second month of Spring in Australia and things are certainly starting to heat up here in Queensland. As the temperatures rise and the humidity increases, it’s important to keep cool – not just for the sake of your overall comfort, but your health, too.   1. Drink it up Staying hydrated…
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Australia’s iconic ice cream vans


With the weather heating up, what better time is there to enjoy a delicious, cold soft serve? Australia has a good history with ice cream vans (and near-home ice cream deliver), with many still being a staple at popular public spaces. As we firmly believe in keeping things chill at Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals, we’re…
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In focus: Brisbane Festival


As a Brisbane-based company, all of us at Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals have a soft spot for the annual Brisbane Festival. This year, the event kicks off on Saturday 5 September, and there’s plenty worth checking out, with the 3-week festival coming to an end with the iconic Sunsuper Riverfire along South Bank on Saturday…
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4 upcoming Brisbane school fetes


As the weather edges back towards Spring in Brisbane, more and more school’s are throwing fetes, fairs, carnivals – whatever name you prefer. These events are rarely just for those who have kids attending the school, but are rather a great way for the public to spend a day. In this blog, we’ve listed four…
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What you can do at Ekka 2015


The Ekka is here for another year in Brisbane. At Brisk Fridge, we love any type of celebration, and the Ekka is certainly one of Brisbane’s biggest. From the food to the rides lining Sideshow Alley, we’ve listed just some of the things you can do and check out this year. For a closer look,…
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