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8 Foods You Should Not Refrigerate


Despite what you may have been told, storing things in the fridge does not necessarily make them last longer. There are some foods that last longer and taste better at room temperature. Let’s take a look at 8 food items you shouldn’t be keeping in the fridge: 1. Potatoes Potatoes and fridges do not go…
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The Cheese-Lover’s Guide To Storing Cheese

Storing cheese

Fromage fanatics will know that different cheeses require different storage methods and times. There nothing worse than letting a delicious block or wheel of cheese go to waste, so here are the best methods for proper storage.   Here are a few general rules: Try to avoid plastic wrap – it suffocates the cheese and…
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Foil vs. Plastic: The Best Thing To Wrap Your Food

foil plastic wrap

Do you have a method for your foil and plastic wrap? You probably have both in the kitchen, but do you really know which one is better for wrapping and storing your food? There are quite a few differences between the two wraps, apart from the visual differences. Let’s look at how you should use…
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Top Tips for Storing Your Herbs

top tips storing herbs

Herbs add flavour to almost any dish and have the ability to take a meal to the next level. Add a sprig of rosemary to your roast veggies or a handful of fresh basil to your pasta sauce and you’ll immediately notice the difference. But do you buy fresh herbs with the best intentions to…
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The Best Serving Temperatures for Different Beers

Best serving temperatures beers

Australia loves its beer icy cold. Our hot temperatures and long summers call for a cold, refreshing drink, and many turn to “a big cold beer”. But not all beers are equal, or rather, not all beers taste their best at the same temperature. Depending on the type of beer and where it’s from, there…
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Brisbane’s Best Wedding Venues

Brisbane's Best Wedding Venues

Weddings are magical occasions, whether its yours or someone else’s, but it’s no secret that they can also be quite stressful. Catering a large event like a wedding is one of the biggest challenges, particularly if the venue is outside. That’s why a mobile cold room is a great idea; you can easily store food,…
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The Best Ways to Prevent Freezer Burn


Have you ever pulled something out of your freezer, only to find it dried out and covered in a hard coating of ice? That’s freezer burn, and it can easily happen to meats and food products that aren’t stored correctly. When storing and transporting food products, not only is the right temperature important, but so…
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A Guide to Storage Times for Meat, Poultry & Seafood

storage guide meat poultry seafood

Storing meats can be a tricky business. If not done correctly, it’s at risk of spoiling quickly and becoming a health hazard. And on top of that, for all the different kinds of meat, poultry, and fish out there, nearly all of them have different storage requirements. That’s why we’re breaking it down into a…
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The Top 5 Produce Markets in Brisbane


Farmers and produce markets are the perfect way to buy fresh and local fruits and vegetables, all while supporting local farmers. Keeping food and produce fresh for market day is a priority for stall holders, so having a refrigerated van, truck, or mobile cold room on-site is the perfect and most convenient way to ensure…
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Enjoying food and the outdoors this Easter 2017

Enjoying food and the outdoors this Easter 2017

It’s holy week, so you know what the means? A lot of Easter celebrations! Of course, it also means food and enjoying the last of the hot weather as winter creeps up on us. In this post, we talk about enjoying food and the outdoors this Easter 2017. Live Large Festival This free event is…
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