10 Places You Must Try at Eat Street Markets

Eat Street is the place to be for any foodie! Offering a wide variety of culinary delights, there is certainly something for everyone. Powered by refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms, these all-year-round food and beverage vendors make eating al fresco truly an experience to remember. In this post, we share 10 places you must try.

Homemade Ginger Beer

As their name implies, this small, family-operated business, offers delicious homemade ginger made with fresh Eumundi ginger that packs a flavourful punch. Brewed in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, if you’re looking for an authentic, refreshing beverage this is the first stop you should make. Perfect to go with your favourite snack or meal as you stroll around Eat Street Markets.


Phunky Dory

An Eat Street Original, Phunky Dory was one of the first stalls to greet visitors. It has proved to be one of the most popular stands and it’s easy to see why. Offering fish and chips is the core of their business, but that’s not the only things they specialise in, their selection of fresh seafood sets them apart, as do their sustainability practices (such as their packaging is biodegradable and oil they use is recycled to produce Biofuel).

Fiori Bakehouse

If it’s sweets that you’re after, then you must visit Fiori’s stall. Known for the unique and delicious baked goods (and their new range of Alcohol Spiked mini cupcakes), a trip to Fiori’s Bakehouse and your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied. Each week they try something new and switch up the menu, so repeat visitors get to experience something different each time, as well as sample their favourites.


Okonomi House

Move over sushi, there’s another Japanese favourite you must try and it’s ‘Okonomiyaki’. ‘Okonomi’ means “what you like” or “what you want”, and ‘yaki’ means “grilled” or “cooked”. Together, it implies that you mix any ingredients as you like and then grill them on a specially griddle. Basically, it’s a savoury pancake or pizza, Japanese style.

Chocolate Komberry Co

Marry croissants with muffins, donuts and cones and what do you get? You get some deliciously decadent conuts, cronuts, cruffins and a whole bunch of other weird and wonderful combinations that take the dessert experience to the next level. Warning you may want to skip dinner and go straight to dessert when you see some of their inventive creations.

Poulet & Porc

Serving rustic modern European dishes, Poulet & Porc is just the place for a delicious bistro-style main meal. Each week they create menus that make the best of seasonal produce, so if it’s in season expect it on the menu! Recently they featured Pork Belly with crackling and summer salad, and also Jerk Burgers with Jamaican Jerk style chicken and crunchy slaw, buttermilk dressing and avocado salsa.

Gluten Off

Going gluten free can be hard, especially as it means you may have to give up some of your favourite treats – donuts. But never fear, Gluten Off at Eat Streets will make sure you get your cake and eat it too (well donuts in this case). Their gluten free donuts are known for their light and fluffy, melt in your mouth texture – proving that donuts can indeed be gluten free – and be extra delicious without it at that!

Thirsty Republic

Walking around Eat Street is certainly a foodie’s dream – sampling all sorts of foods but all that walking can work up a thirst. As we near into Spring and the weather gets warmer too, you’ll certainly want something to quench your thirst. Seek out Thirsty Republic, for a beverage equally as creative as your main course. You’ll find colourful sodas such as Smurf Bubblegum, Pink Flamingo and Creaming Soda.For the more health conscious, don’t worry you can also enjoy a colourful beverage, with icy fresh juices resembling Hawaiian Pina Coladas in the flavour of mango, pineapple and coconut, orange and watermelon, and raspberry and lime.


Bangkok BBQ

Colourful, fresh and tasty – that’s how Thai cuisine should be, and that’s exactly how Bangkok BBQ serves their food. Fall in love with some authentic Thai favourites, and after a light meal here you just might have space for a dessert or two (most probably one, seeing the sheer size of most of them).


Samba Catering Co

Fitting in line with this year’s Olympics set in Rio, ever wondered what Brazilian cuisine was all about? Head to Samba for some delicious favourites such as Brazilian Moqueca (fish stew) , Char-grilled BBQ and Spanish Paella.