Cool room benefits during Easter!


Happy Easter! Having a large, outdoor event and need a way to keep things cool? In this post, we share some of the benefits of hiring a cold room and share some ideas of how you can hop into the Easter feeling.

Cold Room Benefits

  • Cost. Many business invests in fixed walk-in cold rooms for storage purposes, but the reality is that installation of this kind can be very costly such as keeping fans running and cool air circulating adds to your electricity bill, plus there’s annual maintenance costs to ensure your cold room is performing as it should. The benefits of a mobile cold room, then, is that these regular costs are non-existent. You simply hire out a truck, and are instantly afforded all the benefits a walk-in cold room typically offers.
  • Mobility. Any event outdoors means you’d have to remove your goods to a temporary fridge and worry about running those while away from your premises – a mobile cold room will solve all your Easter event refrigeration problems because they’re mobile – you can literally move them anywhere.
  • Temperature monitoring. With a Brisk Truck, you can adjust temperatures ranging from minus 18 degrees to ambient, which is also displayed digitally for ease of use. This allows for required temperature consistency, which will prevent products/goods from spoiling or deteriorating (those Chocolate Eggs will stay in their best condition).

Easter Fun

Today, Egg hunts, candy, bunnies and delicious family meals – that’s what comes to mind to many when they think of Easter. But food-borne illnesses can also hop into the picture, here are a few tips to make sure you can enjoy your Easter.

  • General Cooking. When cooking, always make sure your hands are freshly washed and clean before handling food. Avoid cross-contamination by keeping kitchen surfaces and equipment clean, and also use separate knives and cutting boards for different foods.
  • Eggs. Use only food-safe dyes on Easter eggs, after decorating them put them in the chiller/refrigerator straight away. Follow “used by dates” on egg cartons. Its best to throw  out any old eggs than to risk illness. Don’t cook hard-boiled eggs too far in advance. Hard-boiled eggs spoil more quickly than uncooked eggs and should be consumed in a week. Don’t eat hard-boiled eggs that have been out of refrigeration more than two hours.