3 cool recipes for the warmer months

frozen-bananasSpring and Summer in Brisbane is known for its oft-intense heat and humidity, so we naturally focus on enjoying cooler, more refreshing foods and beverages.

At Brisk Fridge, we’re all about keeping things cool, so we’ve listed three easy-to-make recipes that are perfect for Spring and Summer. If you have any recipes you think deserve a mention, be sure to list them in the comments below.

1. Frozen bananas

While we’d say it’s a safe bet that frozen bananas earned a little more time in the spotlight thanks to Arrested Development, this simple and delicious treat has been around for years, synonymous with Balboa Island in Orange County, California. What do you need to make a frozen banana? The ingredients are straightforward:


  • Banana
  • Melted chocolate
  • Additional toppings such as chopped nuts, sprinkles, crushed cookies, etc.


With a frozen banana, you’ll also want some ice block sticks so it can be held like a regular ice block. You cut the banana in half (width-wise) so you can get two frozen bananas out of every single banana. Insert the ice block sticks, wrap the bananas in plastic and put them in the freezer for at least an hour.

With the melted chocolate, you can use any type of chocolate you like. It’ll just have to be melted in the microwave or on stove top – make sure it doesn’t burn. Once melted, roll or dip your frozen bananas in the chocolate. Then take your chosen topping and sprinkle it on. Then all you have to do is place them on wax paper and freeze for another hour or so until the chocolate hardens.

2. Guacamole

Guacamole is one of those dips that is as healthy as it is tasty. Of course, if you’re not a fan of avocado, then getting behind guacamole may not exactly be for you. However, if the guacamole makes you salivate, then it certainly helps that the recipe is incredibly simple. We’re basing the following recipe of that listed on taste.com.au. You’ll need:


  • Two avocados
  • One small red onion
  • One ripe tomato
  • Two garlic cloves
  • One small fresh red chilli
  • 60mls fresh lime juice
  • Salt and pepper (optional)


The basics of this recipe are as follows. Cut up the avocados, remove the seeds, scoop out the actual avocado and crush up in a bowl. Finely dice the red onion and tomato and throw into the mixture. Crush the garlic cloves and throw into the mixture. Finely chop up the red chilli, ensure it’s deseeded, and throw into the mixture (there’s a pattern here). And, last but not least, pure in the 60mls of lime juice. Mix it all together until the contents of the guacamole are evenly dispersed.

Taste the guacamole. If you believe it needs a bit more flavour, add some salt and pepper until the flavour hits the right note for you. It’s now ready. Of course, adjust to suit your personal preference. Some believe guacamole is better without tomato and less lime juice. Coriander is also an ingredient many like to add.

3. Cranberry slushy

Cranberries may be very tart, but they also come with a host of health benefits. So if you’d rather have a healthier slushy than going down to your local 7-Eleven for a more sugary cold drink, a cranberry slushy is a very simple alternative.

For this drink, you won’t be using cranberries, but rather cranberry juice – this immediately ensures the drink will be less tart, anyway. The initial benchmarks for this drink are to use half a cup of cranberry juice, one tablespoon of lime juice, and one ice cube. Then, simply throw in a blender and, well, blend them.

Of course, this is a very small serving, so feel free to adapt to a size more befitting your thirst. Either way, it’ll be a nice cold and healthy drink to have during the warmer months.


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* Image source: “Frozen Banana (4851836345)” by Vegan Feast CateringFrozen Banana. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.