3 Great Street Food Venues You Must Visit in Brisbane

Street Food

In previous blogs, we’ve shared some of the benefits of mobile refrigeration in the forms of refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms, one of which being great for food businesses. So what better way to show you this in action than invite you to see some of those businesses in person? In this post, we share 3 of the best Street Food markets to try in Brisbane.

Eat Street Markets

Held every Friday and Saturday from 4 to 10pm, venture through the colourful and exciting Eat Street Markets. Entrance is $2.50 per adult. As the name suggests, this market is dedicated to Eating – eating delicious food that is! The open-air, asian-style food market doesn’t just serve Asian cuisine, you’ll find food from all over the world – from Malaysian, Vietnamese and Thai food to Greek, Turkish, French, Hungarian, and many more. Located at Hamilton Wharf, walk around the market under fairy lit alleyways of shipping containers, where you’ll find mobile refrigeration definitely helps to make an event like this a success.

Boundary Street Markets

Ditch your regular Friday night plans and head on out to West End. With live outdoor music and a great assortment of international street food and shopping, the Boundary Street Markets are the perfect example for a great street vibe. Some of the many pop-up stalls don’t just sell food, but also offer unique creations such as jewellery, homewares and body products. They are open every Friday from 4 to 10pm and can be found corner of Boundary and Mollison Streets at West End.

Collective Markets Southbank

If you work in the city, a walk to the Collective Markets Southbank after work on a Friday night is perfect! But if you don’t want to head out, don’t worry the markets are also open on Saturdays and Sundays. Strolling through Stanley Street, you’ll be treated to some gorgeous and creative stalls, not to mention some delicious street food!