3 Reasons why temporary refrigeration is essential for a seasonal business

Seasonal Business

Do you operate on a season to season business? If you’re in the mobile food and/or catering industry, chances are you operate seasonally, even if all year-round your produce will change as the seasons do. In this post, we share 3 reasons why you temporary refrigeration is essential for a seasonal business.


Traditional businesses aren’t for everyone, especially as produce isn’t available all year round, some may decide to go for a seasonal business. This means that your refrigeration facilities should be just as mobile as the seasons go. We work with seasonal catering businesses that operate only at certain times during the year wherein they find there is no need for permanent refrigeration or freezer solutions. Hiring a refrigerated truck or mobile cold room is the answer to situations like this – they provide enough space to store produce from the smallest to the largest events and shows. If you need to store food on-the-scene having these mobile solutions will allow caterers larger management over their produce and storage techniques.

Additional space during the season

Even if you do have permanent refrigeration and freezer storage, you may find certain times of the year force you to operate at a maximum, or more so that usual, requiring you to have extra refrigeration space.

Temperature control

If you look at any food safety guidelines you’ll know that temperature is super important! Refrigeration facilities should be large enough to hold potentially hazardous food under temperature control at all time – and for outdoor events that means portable coolrooms.