4 Uncommon Facts about Refrigerated Transport

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What else do you know about refrigerated transport other than it helps transport goods? Well, as Brisbane’s capital refrigerated trucks and vans rental, we know there’s a whole lot more to them then that.

But first thing’s first: Let’s get the common ones you probably already know out of the way.

To hire a refrigerated vehicle in Brisbane is usually done to properly and safely transport goods. These mainly involve storing them at controlled temperatures. Most of those goods are food. That’s because food needs to be chilled or kept frozen to stay fresh or edible. Since this is important, many that rent mobile cold rooms in Brisbane need to transport food or drinks. This includes groceries, restaurants and caterers.

What about the uncommon ones? There’s so much more to refrigerated trucks and vans than what they’re mainly used for.

That’s why to rent mobile cold rooms in Brisbane is anything but ordinary.

 Want to learn those uncommon facts about refrigerated trucks and vans? Here are 4 of the least known:

Refrigerated Transport Is Much Older Than You Think

At first glance, refrigerated transport seems pretty modern. After all, controlling the temperature of goods while transporting them involve technology. But it has actually been done for a surprisingly long time.

Refrigerated transport began in the mid-1800s.

We’re not talking about the invention of refrigerated vehicles. We’re talking about the beginning of the service itself.

Back then, food items, like meat and milk, were transported from city to city on railroad cars. Huge blocks of ice were used to refrigerate them. Here’s an example.

The First Automatic, Mechanical Refrigerated Truck Was Invented in America

The first design was invented by Frederick McKinley Jones. He designed a portable, mechanical air-cooling system for trucks used to transport perishable food around 1938. He obtained the patent for it 2 years later on 12 July. 

The portable cooling units Jones designed had other uses aside from transporting perishable food. They had been especially important during World War II. Besides food, they were used to preserve the medicine and blood for use at the army hospitals and on the battlefields.

Learn more about Frederick McKinley Jones here.

It’s also Part of the Beauty Industry

Also called the cosmetic industry, the multibillion-dollar, global beauty industry isn’t all about buying make-up at department stores. There’s so much that happens behind the scenes, including people who work tirelessly to make sure every single beauty product is brought to the shelves in the best condition.

Make-up and heat don’t get along. A lot of make-up products contain wax or other ingredients that don’t respond well to being exposed to heat for long periods. How do companies avoid this? They’re transported using refrigerated vehicles.

Helps Save Endangered Species

There are certain animals that need to be transported using refrigerated vehicles to stay safe and comfortable. They’re either originally from colder climates or need to be kept cool to avoid getting sick.

Take Southern Corroboree Frogs – Native to the Southern Tablelands, they’ve been rendered endangered by drought and diseases. To conserve them, they’re now bred at local zoos, like the Taronga Zoo

While the zoos do their best to protect the frogs, they still need help safely transporting the endangered species. Fortunately, refrigerated transport rental is always ready to be of service.