5 Alternative Uses Of Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated transport is not just about transporting fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and frozen foods. It can wear many different hats and is more versatile than you think!

Here’s some alternative uses of refrigerated transport:

Honey Bees

Some animals, like honey bees, require temperature-controlled transportation. As a way to conserve endangered species, there are specific guidelines for the temperature and ventilation of animals during transport.

Honey bees produce heat when being carried in cargo. This heat can build up, affecting the health of the bees and stopping the production of honey. The easiest way to protect the bees is with a refrigerated truck.

Polar Bears and Penguins

Animals that live in a cold environment need refrigeration when travelling from one location to another.

For example, when zoos need to transport polar bears and penguins, the best way is to use a refrigerated truck. This helps to ensure the animals stay at the right temperature and arrive at their destination in perfect health.

Pharmaceutical Products

Many pharmaceutical products like medicines and vaccines need to be transported at the right temperature to maintain their safety and effectiveness. When transporting them over long distances, there’s always a risk that they will become damaged and unsafe to use.

This is why a refrigerated truck is the best option.

Cosmetics and Perfume

The cosmetic industry relies heavily on refrigerated transport. This is because of the impact that heat and direct sunlight can have on their products.

Heat causes oil, water and wax to separate, which ruins the effectiveness of makeup. Perfumes also spoil under intense heat. Products that benefit from refrigeration include makeup, perfumes, shampoo, body wash, sunscreen, deodorant and soap.

Art and Antiques

Artworks need to be stored and transported at the right temperature to preserve their quality. For art, antiques, collectables and valuable items, controlling temperature and humidity during transport is crucial. This is why refrigerated transport can come in useful.

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