5 Alternative Uses of Refrigerated Transport

ice-sculptureWhen discussing refrigerated transport, most of us probably think about the movement of produce such as fruits, vegetables and meats. However, these aren’t the only types of goods and items that refrigerated trucks are necessarily used for.

In today’s article, we take a look at 5 alternative and lesser known uses of refrigerated transport, from ice sculptures to pharmaceuticals.

1. Ice sculpture

Ice sculptures are certainly an artistic marvel, but unlike most pieces of art they also rely heavily on the elements to even exist. Of course that’s why you’re more likely to see an ice sculpture sitting inside some sort of frozen world location. But when an ice sculptor needs to move their work of art from where they created it to where it is going to be displayed, then naturally they will need a means of transport that will keep that sculpture in one piece. This often means they’ll hire out a refrigerated truck. Sometimes they may even hire out a truck to simply use it as a test chamber for their sculpting skills.

2. Cakes (wedding, speciality)

Heat and humidity can affect the look of a decorated cake. Humidity can soften icing and decorations and heat can melt the icing and cause decorations to droop. Therefore, it is important to keep your decorated cake as cool as possible to stabilise the icing and decorations.

Along with helping to keep the shape of the cake, the cool temperature will also maintain the freshness of the cake. Caterers, in particular, will take advantage of refrigerated trucks or vans to keep their specially designed cakes in one piece.

3. Animals

There are a vast array of different animals in the world, each with their own ideal habitats. This means when certain animals are transported from one area to another, they require special conditions to ensure their well-being. So for animals that are used to the cooler climates, it is a humane practice to maintain that type of climate for them both in their new homes and during transport. An example is a polar bear.

Although they need to be caged up to protect those transporting the animal, they can be transported in a vehicle capable of creating an artificial cold environment as this caters to their preferred climate. So while it may not be something we all think about, large refrigerated or air conditioned trucks can be ideal for moving such animals from point A to point B.

4. Chemicals

Chemicals are a product that can be extremely volatile under specific conditions. This includes variations in temperature. Some may be fine at higher temperatures, but others may not fare as well. While refrigerated transport isn’t necessary for all chemicals, it can be for those that may present certain dangers once they’ve reached higher temperature ranges.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Failure to follow storage recommendations of pharmaceutical products can be very dangerous, particularly if consumed. Hundreds of thousand of medications are discarded each year because of improper storage conditions resulting in millions of dollars wasted. It’s these factors that make it so imperative to recognise and respect individual storage and transport requirements associated with different pharmaceuticals. One of these requirements can be low temperature storage, meaning that refrigerated transport can be an absolutely necessity.