5 Brisbane events we’re looking forward to

ekkaAs a city, Brisbane is often overlooked on the global stage, with Sydney and Melbourne typically speaking for the entirety of the country.

But while Brisbane may not have the international recognition, it is a city filled to the brim with culture and a wealth of brilliant events throughout the year. To celebrate our love for Brisbane and the people who make up its very character, we couldn’t help but list five upcoming events over the next few months that all Brisbanites and tourists should seriously consider attending.

1. Stadium Stomp, June 22, The Gabba

Stadium Stomp, which began last year, is a unique health and endurance event that challenges patrons by having them run throughout some of Australia’s biggest sports stadiums. Offering a variety of different courses to cater to people of various fitness levels, attendees can end up running up and down thousands of steps throughout the duration of the event. Of course, to ensure no one becomes too exhausted, there are rest stops, drinking stations and high energy music to keep people energised throughout.

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2. Teneriffe Festival, July 5, Teneriffe

Entering into its fifth year, Teneriffe’s one day festival has got something for everyone. Whether you love street markets, dining, live music, fashion or historical displays, it’s all there to be experienced and appreciated. When the festival kicks off, several of Teneriffe’s main roads are closed off, allowing patrons to explore the suburb in a more relaxed – yet energised – fashion.

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3. Brisbane Marathon, August 3

This year, the Brisbane Marathon will take place on August 3, and will include four courses of varying lengths: a full-length 42km run, a half-length 21km run, a 10km run, and then a 2km Beginners and Kids Run event. Of course, given the length of the marathon, several roads throughout Brisbane will be closed, but it will certainly prove to be a fun day for both those running and those spectating.

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4. Ekka, August 8 to August 17, RNA Showgrounds

Without a doubt one of Brisbane’s biggest and most enduring local events, the Ekka brings the country to the city. Along with with the myriad events (horse events, woodchopping, car stunts, etc.) are the various food stalls, Sideshow Alley, Show Bags and, of course, dagwood dogs. Young or old, the Ekka has always been a proven favourite among Brisbanites.

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5. Brisbane Festival and Riverfire, September 6 to 27, South Bank Parklands Precinct

The annual Brisbane Festival, which ends its run with the Riverfire, is one of Brisbane’s most well-known festivals. Running primarily within the South Bank Parklands Precinct, the Brisbane Festival isn’t just a celebration of our great and often underrated city, but it is also a fully-fledged arts festival, complete with music, theatre, dancing, comedy, opera and more.

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Which Brisbane events are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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