5 Essentials For Any Outdoor Event

Christmas has passed, the new year is almost here. In a blink of an eye, it will be Australia Day and the kids will be back at school.

In the meantime, it’s time to have some fun in the sun!

Summer in Queensland brings imagery of swimming pools, sausage sizzles, ice blocks and fresh fruit. The sun is out and everyone is in the mood to cool off and party.  If you are hosting a party this summer, you’re going to want to ensure that it is remembered for all the right reasons. 

In today’s blog, we are going to be talking about essential items you will need for the next event you organise outdoors. 

  • Sunscreen: We have all been that person at least once. The person who forgets their sunscreen or tells everyone they don’t need it. The next day you wake up with sore, tight skin that burns at the touch. You look in the mirror and realise how foolish you have been, knowing full well that within the week, your skin will be peeling. To avoid any of your guests having this unfortunate experience the day after your party, make sure you have sunscreen at the ready for reapplication throughout the day. 
  • Cool Drinks: Temperature in Brisbane during summer can soar beyond 35 degrees and that’s not even considering the sweltering humidity. If you want the day to be long and fun for everyone, make sure there are ways for everyone to remain hydrated throughout the day – and we’re not just talking about alcohol. Water bottles are probably the best way to achieve this. Get a slab of water bottles from the shop and keep them within reach of your guests.  
  • Entertainment: This is your party and it’s your responsibility to keep your guests entertained. The weather presents you plenty of opportunities to make your own fun, especially if a few of you are partying together. If you are fortunate enough to have a pool, chuck some pool toys in there for some extra giggles. If you’ve got some spare space in the backyard, it’s time for you to get the ball and bat out and practice your backyard cricket skills!
  • A speaker: The sun is out and the vibe is high! Make sure you keep the energy pumping throughout the day by bringing your favourite speaker out for the day. Get a great summer playlist ready before your big event so you can party all day, knowing the soundtrack to your holidays is going to be flawless. 
  • Appropriate Food: The right food for your party is totally dependent on the kind of party you are having. If it is a party with a fair bit of drinking, it might be a safer bet to have snack food such as chips, fruit and maybe a sausage sizzle later in the day. If your event is a bit more laid back, a fresh salad, some cold meats and a cheese platter might be more appropriate. 
  • Minimize Stress: It can be easy to forget that the festive season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re responsible for feeding family and friends or you have been tasked with organising a work party, the best thing you can do to ensure everything goes smoothly is to minimize stress where you can.

An easy way to have one less thing on your plate is to hire a mobile cool room or refrigerated vehicle for the big day.

The very last thing you want your party to be remembered for is a bout of collective food poisoning. Ensuring you have all your food at a safe temperature is the first step in ensuring your party is remembered for all the right reasons.

Brisk is currently running special offers on refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms. If you’re looking to eliminate some stress from your life this silly season, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can help you make sure you get your precocious, delicious cargo from point a to point b without a hitch.

And What If Anything Goes Wrong?

All of our vehicles come with support, including an after hours support phone number.

We are just as dedicated to making sure your Christmas goes smoothly as possible as you are.

If you’d like to learn more about refrigerated truck options to best suit you or would like a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.