5 Outdoor Events in Brisbane That Benefit from Mobile Cold Rooms

Outdoor Events

In this post, we discuss the 5 most common local outdoor events where the support of mobile cold room rentals in Brisbane is needed.

Since it can get scorching hot in Australia, renting mobile cold rooms in summer is incredibly important when holding outdoor events.

To keep the food and drinks at outdoor events fresh, they need to be stored properly. Mobile cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles offer the perfect compact and flexible storage solution for events taking place in outdoor or more remote locations.

Here are the 5 most common outdoor events in Brisbane that benefit from the use of mobile cold room and refrigerated vehicle rentals.


Brisbane loves a good festival. Take the Briz Chilli Fest. Considered as Brisbane’s best chilli festival, it features live music, dance performances and a wide array of exhibitors showcasing all kinds of chilli-infused fare. There’s barbecue relish, chilli sauce and even chilli fudge! The festival is being held on June 9th at the Waterfront Park in the riverside suburb of Newstead.

If you’re holding or taking part in a food festival, plan ahead and rent a mobile cold room. Not only can you rent them for yourself, but if you are hosting a festival, you can make them available to stall holders. By helping them, all the exhibits at your festival will surely turn out great.


The difference between festivals and fairs is that not all festivals have food and drinks vendors, but fairs certainly do.

One of the many fairs held in Brisbane every year is The Gap Uniting Church’s Autumn Fair. Held every 27 April at the congregation’s church in the suburb of The Gap, it features lots of fun things to do for kids, like a bounce castle, face painting and bowling; yummy food, like burgers, nachos and ice cream; and “treasures” for sale, like home-baked pies, homegrown plants and secondhand books.

There’s usually lots of snacks and refreshments at fairs, including some that will melt easily (like ice cream), making it necessary to have mobile cold rooms at these events.

Providing all the visitors at your fair nothing but delectable food and drinks will surely make it a success.

Sporting Events

Brisbane and the rest of Australia is known for enthusiastically celebrating it’s sporting events. Among the most popular held in Brisbane is the Tour de Brisbane.

The Tour de Brisbane is held every 1214 April in the southern part of Brisbane. It’s intended to promote the city as an international cycling destination for professional and regular riders alike.

It’s important to have mobile cold rooms at sporting events not only to properly store the food and drinks for customers but also the food and drinks for the athletes. Doing so helps them perform at their best and give the spectators a show they won’t forget.


One of the biggest parties in Brisbane is Riverfire. It’s held in September along the well-known Southbank precinct to kick off the Brisbane Festival. It features an amazing fireworks display, aerial aerobatic performances by the Australian Defence Force, army helicopter displays, musical performances and an after-party.

If you’re having a big party, consider renting mobile cold rooms to avoid any problems with storing the large quantities of food and drinks to be served.


Weddings aren’t just events held at churches anymore. They can now be held outdoors, like on a beach, in a park or in an orchard. As memorable and romantic as that is, it poses some challenges. One is making sure all the food and drinks are kept protected from the elements.

You don’t have to worry about that if you hire a trusted mobile cold room. The less stressed you are over storing the food and drinks properly, the more you can focus on the event and the better your chances of making it the best it can be.