5 Outdoor Party Hire Essentials

Party Hire Essentials

At Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals, we know that our refrigerated vans and mobile cold rooms are essential in any outdoor event, but what are the top 5 party hire essentials you need for any outdoor event? 


How many people do you plan to host at your event? Outdoor coverings like marquees, tents, and gazebos can accommodate anywhere from 10 up to 100s of people. If it doesn’t have internal poles holding it up, there’s also a lot more flexibility for your seating and/or standing arrangements.

Audio-Visual Tech

What is the size of your event and can they hear you if something is being announced? Will there be presentations given? Will you have a DJ or a live band? Depending on the size of your marquee, numerous screens, speakers, and a PA system could be needed.

Chairs & Tables

Consider how many people are attending your event and whether you serving food. Will it be a sit-down meal? Or just a few stand-up tables for people to mingle? Remember, tables can take up a lot of room and are often hard to ‘get out of the way’ if you break out the dance floor.

Cooking Equipment

Anytime there is going to be people in one place for a long time, particularly outside and off-site, means they’re going to get hungry. How are you going to prepare or present the food? Cooking equipment is certainly an event essential – such as portable gas stoves, pots, cooking utensils, serving platters, etc.

Refrigerated Vehicles or Mobile Cold Rooms

You wouldn’t want your guests getting sick from food-borne illness, let alone serving mediocre food. Refrigerated vehicles or mobile cold rooms keep produce/food fresh until it’s ready to be served. They also come in handy if you have a large amount of drinks and beverages to serve.  

Honorable Mentions

  • Lighting is essential if the event runs into the evening or is held at night
  • Is someone performing at your event? You may want to consider a stage
  • Getting your event fully-catered is a great option, even better if you know they have a refrigerated van or mobile cold room on hand. If not, we have refrigerated vehicles and mobile cold rooms for hire for any size event