5 Random Cold Room Facts


If you work in the food industry, chances are you’re probably already familiar with the important of a Cold Storage Room or refrigerated vehicle when you’re on the go. However, in this post we want to share 5 random cold room facts you might not know about.

1) Queenslanders loves their bananas!

We produce about 94% of all banana crops in the nation! You’ll see plantations growing up north mainly around the Cassowary Coast (Tully, Innisfail and Kennedy) region, south of Cairns, on the Atherton Tablelands, and at Lakeland, north of Cairns, so obviously loved by the nation and being delivered to other states and overseas, let alone to within our own state, they rely on the cold chain. Bananas are picked before they are ripe and held in cold storage facilities.

2) A cold storage room or a mobile cold room can also be seen as walk-in refrigerator.

The main use for a Cold Storage room is to keep food from spoiling. Our mobile cold rooms are designed to have cold temperatures wherever they are and can be set to the right degree to keep food cold until it is ready to cook and serve – perfect for food businesses on the go or catering off-site.

3) Our mobile cold rooms which you can hire can be customised.

They can be customised to suit the needs for your business or event. They can have sandwich racks for bread or shelves to put various food supplies or items etc. Plus they’re mobile, so forget fixed refrigeration, the mobile cold rooms can come with you.

4) Ever felt a little sleepy in a cold room?

Scientists have noted that sleeping in a ‘cold’ room can actually better for your body. So, while we don’t suggest sleeping on the job, it’s interesting to know that frequenting a cold room in general can aid in better sleep later on, stimulate weight loss and curb diabetes. Just remember to keep it cool at night time before bed too.

5) Even though mobile cold rooms act like refrigerators, they don’t accumulate ice on the outside or on the inside.

So you can store a variety of vegetables, milk, meat and fruit inside. However, when storing these different products it is necessary to consider a number of factors. A product such as meat, for example, is “dead”, the processes that cause it to spoil begin as soon as the animal is slaughtered. Products such as fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, are still “alive”. Their metabolism does not stop when they are harvested, so it is important to maintain them at the proper humidity and temperature to prevent deterioration. Some dairy products and beverages have to be stored below a certain temperature to prevent chemical reactions and microbial processes that would be detrimental to their quality.