5 Reasons Mobile Refrigeration Is Better Than Fixed Refrigeration

mobile refrigeration

If you have a mobile business, whether it be for catering or other hospitality purposes, chances are you need mobile refrigeration. It’s no use having just fixed refrigeration that can’t come with you, while it can be helpful to store longer what about your business is on the go? In this post, we share some of the benefits for having mobile refrigeration (refrigerated trucks and/or mobile cold rooms).


With a mobile cold room, you can maximise space for your produce as you’ll have an extra room situated outside your premises to utilise at will. This also gives you the versatility to stock your internal spaces with what you’ll need to meet more immediate demands, increasing your efficiency.


Road transport refrigeration equipment are required to operate reliably in much harsher environments than stationary refrigeration equipment.


Fixed cold rooms are limited to their location, and even those that can be built up on site temporarily, it takes time and experience to install them correctly. With a refrigerated truck or mobile cold room, it’s literally ready for you as is, just plug in when you want to run it longer and it’s ready to use.

Safe & Secure

Refrigerated trucks and mobile cold rooms are safe to use with temperature modulating systems and internal lighting in both. They can also both be locked from the outside to eliminate theft of your stock. Furthermore, we offer single passenger side door and double rear door combinations, so you can stock, unload and manoeuvre your mobile refrigeration easily.

Control & Efficiency

All our mobile cold rooms feature digital temperature control to minus 30 degree Freezer / plus 15 degrees ambient, which allows for users to easily and quickly alter the temperature. They also power efficient, operating on only a single phase 10 amp 240 Volt household power (we supply also a 10 metre extension lead in the hire). Our refrigerated trucks come with both single passenger side door and double opening rear door combinations, and units are capable of up to Minus 18 degrees ambient.