5 Sure Fire Ways to Improve Your Christmas Party

You may not remember every mediocre party you go to, but you definitely remember the worst of the worst. 

Christmas is that time of the year when we all come together to catch up on the year that was, celebrate our achievements and share our plans for the upcoming year. The drinks are flowing and the sound of laughter should be filling the air… but what if everything goes wrong?

In order to avoid a disastrous Christmas celebration, this blog is going to take you through our top 5 tips for improving your Christmas party in 2021. 

The countdown to the silly season has officially begun so buckle up and start taking notes.  

Humans have five senses and all of them are constantly seeking stimulation and information. When contemplating the plans for your Christmas party, consider all five senses and how they could enrich your party experience.


This one is pretty important. 

As we said above, you want your party to be filled with the joyous sounds of laughter and friends catching up but even then, we are missing something…music of course! 

To avoid having to change CDs or constant queuing and changing of music, plan a playlist ahead of time which accommodates a variety of music tastes and throws some Christmas classics in there too (don’t forget this one!).


This may seem a bit strange to think about but you really have plenty of options. 

Firstly, the food and even some of the drinks that you will be serving up will provide their own aroma, filling the air with familiar Christmas scents. 

If you want to take matters into your own hands a bit more, you may consider some festive candles or even more organic methods such as fresh pine or rosemary. 


Whenever Australians watch Christmas movies, we are confronted with images of snow, large hot meals and knitted sweaters.

However, the second November begins and the temperatures soar, we are cruelly reminded that the most wonderful time of the year in Australia looks a lot more like swimming pools, cold beers and prawns. 

While the traditional ham or turkey lunch may seem appealing, consider something more weather conscious for an exciting Australian take on the festive season; think seafood, fresh fruit and pavlova!

…Just don’t forget to get adequate refrigeration to keep your Christmas feast fresh.


This is where you really have the opportunity to show your creative side. 

Small touches like napkins and crockery, table clothes and even the cups your guest pour their drinks into can seem like irrelevant finishing touches.

If you really want your party to be remembered for all the right reasons, it’s a further opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your friends and family that will keep them talking until Christmas 2022.


We’ve dealt with sound, smell, taste and touch which leaves one final sense: Sight. 

This one is arguably the easiest so we thought we would leave it till last. Because you’ve already considered the other 4 senses, you don’t need to go overboard with this one. 

Think about colour and sentimental objects that will remind your guests it’s Christmas such as bonbons, candy canes and tinsel. 

Need More Refrigeration For Your Christmas Party?

Another great way to ensure your guests leave happy and impressed is to minimise any risk of your food going off from not being refrigerated properly. 

Maintain your food’s integrity in summer by hiring a refrigerated truck or mobile cold room. With a hired vehicle, you can keep your goods icy cold and transport them wherever you need to go. 

At Brisk, we have a range of vehicles equipped with the latest in refrigeration technology. Whether it’s for a party, work function, holiday, or fishing trip, our refrigerated vehicles are the perfect solution to ensure your goods arrive in top notch condition. 

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