5 Surprising Alternative Uses of Mobile Cold Rooms

Uses of Mobile Cold Rooms

The school fair; a 21st bday bash; a foodie carnival…these are places that you expect to see a mobile cold room, other than storing food and beverages to stay cool, what else could you use your mobile cold room for? In this post, we share 5 surprising alternative uses of mobile cold rooms you might not have thought of before.

Remote citizens

Mobile cold storage can help to serve remote patients. Numerous off-the-grid isolated communities don’t have the proper cold storage to allow for organ and vaccine storage, or refrigerated pharmaceuticals, which limits the health services available to individuals in those communities.

Blood Storage

Many clinics also to run intermittent blood drives. Mobile cold storage can help store blood at required temperatures while on the go.

Ice Structures for Parties

Food and beverages aren’t the only things that require chilled transportation, what about ice sculptures that can sometimes be the centre piece of an event? Mobile cold rooms can provide enough space to fit in these structures and are temperature controlled so you can ensure that the structure is chilled for as long as possible before being presented.

Wedding Flowers

Skip hiring out a whole room plus the electricity for running the aircon to keep wedding flowers fresh and chill – a mobile cold room or refrigerated truck can do just the same, and be kept close to the venue when needed. Decorating a venue, takes many flowers, using your mobile cold room you’ll be able to make sure none of them wilter before the big day.

Moving house

Some people even use refrigerated trucks for transporting items from their old home to their new one. Not only can they transfer goods from their fridges and freezes, they can also store batteries inside (batteries don’t drain as fast as the coldness stops electrolyte fluid inside them draining); laundry (to resist any dust mites); or aromatherapy oils, to name a few.