5 Things Smart People Do Before They Hire A Refrigerated Truck

HireWhether you’re transporting food, ice-creams, or polar bears, finding the right refrigerated truck to hire for your purpose is essential.

There are a few things to consider before hiring a refrigerated truck, to ensure that you get the best deal and value for your money. 

1. Find the best price

It’s worth investing the time to shop around and make sure you get the best value deal for your money when you rent a truck.

Factors influencing price include make and model of the truck, its size capacity, and how long you need to rent it for.

Also make sure to choose a reputable company who offers insurance to avoid unexpected costs later. 

2. Choose the correct size

Take a look at the size of the load you need to transport.

There’s no use having way too much space or not enough space in your hired truck. Take a look at Brisk’s modern range of refrigerated trucks, vans and utes to find the right size for your needs. 

3. Check temperature range

Consider what products you are transporting, and the temperature that they require.

All Brisk vehicles feature refrigeration units capable of up to minus 18 degrees to ambient and digital temperature control.

4. Plan your timeframe

Planning out your schedule, including how long you need the truck for and estimating the time it will take to complete the trip, will help you to save money.

Brisk offers both short and long term rental options with flexibility to suit your needs. 

5. Get a free quote

The easiest way to decide if hiring a refrigerated truck is right for you and to determine how much it will cost, is to get a free quote.

With a quote, you can know what to expect and avoid friction with the hire company. 

Looking to hire a refrigerated truck?

With over 50 years combined experience in the Commercial Vehicle Industry, Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals understand refrigerated transport and offer well maintained refrigerated truck, van and mobile cold room hire options. 

So if you need to hire a refrigerated truck, Brisk has you covered… contact us today or make a booking!