5 Things to Look For When Choosing Refrigerated Transport

Fish in freezer and a truck on the road

So, you have temperature-sensitive goods to get from A to B and you’re wondering how to do it, this article can help…

We explore 5 things you should look for when choosing refrigerated transport.

  1. Temperature specifications

You’ll need to know the exact temperature your goods need to be transported at. This is critical to ensure goods arrive in top condition.

So whether you’re driving a hired refrigerated truck or using a freight company, make sure equipment is modern and in top working order, so temperatures can be maintained.

  1. Storage capacity

Refrigerated transport storage is offered in all sorts of capacities. Look into the options offered by freight companies to determine whether they suit your needs.

Refrigerated truck rentals provide you with the opportunity of choosing the type of truck that best suits your needs. With rentals, you can choose the size of the truck you need. So if you don’t have that much to move, you don’t have to pay for a truck that is simply too oversized for your needs.

  1. Expertise and support

You don’t want to take a risk with a freight company who doesn’t know how to handle temperature-sensitive goods. So look for specialised refrigerated transport and warehousing companies who:

  • Have a top reputation and proven quality service. 
  • Offer professional customer service, who know their stuff.
  • Only use company drivers and equipment, not subcontractors. There are huge advantages in dealing with the same driver who knows their equipment and your 
  • requirements.
  1. Latest technology

To preserve your goods in optimum condition and avoid the possibility of damage, check that the refrigeration transport has the latest temperature monitoring technology built into the units. 

  1. Flexibility with time

Look for an option that suits your time constraints. When comparing refrigerated truck rental against other options such as hiring a company to move your goods for you, one clear advantage is the flexibility of time.

At Brisk Refrigerated Truck Hire, we offer our clients both the option of short term and long term truck rental timeframes. So depending on what you need to move from point A to B (or even point C), you have the confidence of knowing that more flexible timeframes will be possible than if you were asking a freight or logistics company to move the goods for you.

At Brisk Refrigerated Truck Hire, we offer our clients a number of options, including truck size, temperature ranges and rental timeframes. If you’d like to find out more about our services, get in touch.