5 things you need for a school fete

feteWith school set to go back into full swing over the next couple of weeks, that means that classic school events such as the school fete won’t be far behind.

The success of any event, whether it’s a massive multimillion dollar operation or a simple school event, is always dependent on preparation. One important aspect of preparation is ensuring you have the right items and attractions set up on the day. So here are 5 things you should certainly consider having for your next school fete.

1. Rides

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way straight off the bat, because what school fete would be complete without rides? Of course, you’re not expected to have Dreamworld-tier rides, but a few simple rides – as well as the much loved jumping castle – will never go astray. But just remember that there should always be rides that both kids and adults can enjoy. After all, adult supervision is important. And also make sure that wherever you’re hiring these rides from, that they’re a reputable company. You wouldn’t want to end up giving your money to a company that doesn’t take maintaining these rides seriously.

2. Food stations

Another gem to remember is that of food stations (or stalls, if you prefer). Yes, this is another obvious suggestion, but what’s more important is that you spend a bit of time researching which catering companies are the best. In the end, you’re going to want the food to be delicious and safe. Of course, there’s no rule demanding all food stations must be serving healthy food, but make sure you have a good mix for the crowd – including vegetarian and vegan options.

3. Portable cold rooms

Of course, if you opt for food to be handled on a more local basis (parents, teachers, volunteers, etc.) then you’re going to need to have a portable cold room – or several – if you don’t have any space within the school grounds to store food. There’s not much explanation needed for this. You don’t want your food to spoil, and there are several types of food that need to be kept at specific temperatures before they’re thawed or cooked (e.g. steak, seafood, dairy products, etc.). A common portable cold room solution comes in the form of refrigerated trucks, as cool temperatures can be maintained even when the vehicle isn’t running.

4. Stalls

Rides and food are all good, but no fete would be complete without different stalls selling different goods. Stalls could be selling books, toys, clothes, you name it. Just make sure you’ve spent the time to find out how many stalls or classrooms you’ll need for those looking to sell products at the fete, and plan accordingly.

5. Portable toilets

Our last suggestion may be the least glamorous, but when you consider the number of individuals that can visit a fete throughout the course of a day, you may find the bathrooms you have aren’t enough. Ultimately, fetes are not restricted just to the kids that go their and their families; all are welcome. So if you believe you could experience a massive surge in numbers on the day, a few portable toilet stations certainly wouldn’t hurt.


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* Image source: Spigoo