5 Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business

 5 Tips for starting a food truck business

Over the past few years, food trucks have become more and more popular. Their portable and compact size makes them a great business idea for those who like things flexible and ever-changing.

As we specialise in refrigerated vans for both long-term and short-term hire and also mobile cold rooms, we found it fitting to share some tips around starting a food truck business. However, remember that nothing is as easy as it seems. A business isn’t built and made successful overnight. Before jumping straight into the deep end of the deep fryer, here are 5 tips for starting a food truck business in Queensland:

Pick the right vehicle

This is one of the most important factors when starting out with your food truck business. It’s definitely necessary that you choose the most appropriate one to accommodate what you’re cooking and preparing.

It’s also a good idea to hire a refrigerated van on a long term basis before actually buying one. This way some of the start-up costs are reduced and you can trial different options that may work for you. Like the saying goes, ‘try before you buy!’

Be unique

But before you even start thinking about your vehicle, you need to figure out what will separate you from the competition. What can you offer that will be different and unique? Once you know how you will position your business, either by your cuisine, your look and branding, your story, how you will operate or locate yourself, you will then have a better chance of standing our amongst the rest. Think about your skills and personality while keeping your customers interest in mind.

It could be a good idea to spice up your menu with something that will actually serve as your trademark or signature dish. You could serve your twist on traditional recipes, or have an exciting name or look to your food.

Connect with social media

Social media is proven to be a powerful advertisement tools for businesses. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the perfect places where you can showcase your food truck, particularly if you constantly move around and have to share your locations. Post photos of the food you serve, your staff, think about fun competitions you can run, inform people of your location for the day, and take the time to converse with your customers.

Set up at the right location

Considering that a food truck is basically a rolling restaurant, you can go wherever there are hungry customers. You just have to know the hotspots for foot traffic and also where you can legally operate. Places like Welcome to Bowen Hills run a food truck section and many markets welcome regular or one off food trucks.

Just make sure you obtain a license or permit to serve your goods, or you could run into trouble – literally.  You can also choose to follow a regular route (ideally about three places) to introduce your products to different locations, attracting more customers and spreading the word.

Know your game

When starting a food truck business, it’s best that you research the market you’re getting into. If you want to be successful, you have to be aware of the industry’s rules and regulations, and strictly follow them. Think of things such as OHS policies and food safety processes, along with council regulations.

There’s lots of helpful information on the Brisbane City Council website about mobile food vehicles and what is required of you and how you can apply for licensing.Visit the information page here.