5 tips to help you cool down

pool-cool-downWe’re now into the second month of Spring in Australia and things are certainly starting to heat up here in Queensland.

As the temperatures rise and the humidity increases, it’s important to keep cool – not just for the sake of your overall comfort, but your health, too.


1. Drink it up

Staying hydrated does help keep your body temperature in check during the hotter months. As your body loses water and becomes dehydrated, the physical effects aren’t just those of headaches and lack of focus. With a lack of water, your body doesn’t sweat as it should. Given sweating is a fundamental aspect of your body cooling itself, a lack of sweat will only lead to an increasing body temperature which could leave you sick or have even worse physical effects. So stay hydrated and drink a good amount of water.


2. Wear lighter clothes; particularly cotton

When the air’s heavy with humidity and heat, you’ll want to wear lighter clothes that can breathe and don’t trap the heat. Cotton clothing is one of the best and most popular options in this regards. Most cotton clothes are lighter in colour and the material absorbs perspiration rather than trapping it. As this perspiration evaporates from the clothing, it helps keep you cooler.


3. Got a pool? Use it

Going for a swim in the pool (or just relaxing in the pool) is a great way to regulate your temperature. As with the water holds a more consistent, all-encompassing temperature, it helps bring down your core body temperature – and this effect can last for a good hour or two.

If you don’t have a pool, the beach or public pool are two viable options. Another is if you have a bath. If you do, fill it up with water at a temperature a little under room temperature and sit in there. This is especially useful before going to bed. Your body temperature will be reduced and you’ll find going to sleep a less uncomfortable than it can be on really hot nights.


4. Cool your pulse points

You know your pulse points? They’re located at several spots of your body, including wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind your knees. No doubt you’re probably more familiar with your wrists and neck. One way of cooling your body down quickly is to grab an ice pack (or put some ice in a little bag) and apply it to one of these pulse points.

We recommend both wrists. Place the ice pack/s on them for about five minutes. As a main vein passes through this area, it actually helps cool your blood and overall temperature.


5. Fans and air conditioning

Of course, the obvious options during Spring and Summer are to break out the fans and air conditioners. But just remember that overuse will lead to some big hits to your electricity bills. So it’s always worth looking at creating a natural flow through your home or finding ways to make your fans/air conditioners work more efficiently for you.

For your air conditioning, making sure windows aren’t open and you’re closing off the space you aim to cool down is a basic, logical step. In terms of fans, if you place a bowl of ice in front of a fan (e.g. a standing, oscillating fan), it will help make the breeze from the fan cooler. A number of roof fans can also be changed to run anti-clockwise, which causes them to actually suck up the hot air in your room as opposed to just pushing it around.