5 top remaining celebrations in 2014

While there’s only a little over three months left in 2014, there are still plenty of celebrations and festivals happening before we bid the year farewell.

In today’s article, we’ve listed five of the top remaining celebrations and/or festivals that are still set to happen in Brisbane (many of which are also Australia-wide).


1. Riverfire (27 September)

As the finale to the almost month-long Brisbane Festival, Riverfire will bring everything to a close in its typical fireworks-filled fashion. With several vantage points in which to experience Riverfire, it’s a great way to see the city’s iconic festival off for another year.

Vantage points, which come with food and beverage stations, include:

• South Bank
• Kangaroo Point Cliffs
• Victoria Bridge
• Captain Burke Park
• Wilson’s Lookout
• City Riverwalk (including Riverside Centre and Eagle Street Pier)

Fireworks will start at 7pm.

2. Oktoberfest (10 – 12 October & 17 – 19 October at the RNA Showgrounds)

As far as festivals go, Oktoberfest is one of those where it doesn’t really matter if you fully understand the significance of the festival itself. All you need to know is it comes from Germany and it typically involves enjoying German food and, of course, beer.

During Oktoberfest, the RNA Showgrounds essentially turns into a Little Germany. In fact, Brisbane’s RNA-based Oktoberfest is billed as the largest, and possibly the best, in Australia. A lot of that is thanks to how it embraces every aspect of Oktoberfest and its German heritage – it’s not simply a pub serving large glasses of beer. Better yet, Oktoberfest in the RNA Showgrounds also includes Sunday Family Fun Days.

3. Halloween (31 October – dates for official events vary)

As far as celebrations go, Halloween is one that has taken quite some time to be embraced in Australia. Just 10 years ago, the idea of trick or treating was fairly foreign. Now, however, Halloween parties, tricking or treating, and/or the general joy of scaring the living daylights out of ourselves with a horror movie marathon are becoming staples for Halloween in Australia.

Most major cities now host Halloween celebrations (typically of a more 18+ drinking variety), but events such as the Manly Halloween Street Party cater to a more family-friendly affair.

4. Christmas

As the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” To celebrate this time of the year, there are a whole host of events that coincide with the season. Whether you’re checking out the Christmas lights, attending a parade in the city, singing along to Christmas carols, caught in the mad rush to buy presents, or sharing a Christmas lunch/dinner with your loved ones on the big day – Christmas is far more than just the 25th of December.

Yes, not everyone observes Christmas, but the holiday has evolved to represent more than just its religious roots.

5. New Year’s

A new year brings with it a host of opportunities. You have the chance to make new resolutions, the chance to try new things, the chance to make good on shortcomings of the past year. Of course, we often fail to stick to new year resolutions, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

But what you can be sure of with every New Year’s celebration is that there will be parties, there will be music, there will be kisses when the clock strikes 12, and, of course, there will be drinks. From time to time some may prefer to have a quiet night in on New Year’s, but for many the appeal of a party or heading into the city for the fireworks display is too inviting to ignore.


Are you hosting any celebrations of your own before the year is out? If you need a mobile cold room to keep things cool, give us a call on 1300 798 558.