5 ways to save money on a rental truck

refrigerated-truckLooking to hire out a truck for work or your personal transport needs?

There are plenty of options out there, including Brisk Refrigerated Truck Rentals, that could be perfect for what you need. But while every business may have their set or approximate costs for different rental types and terms, there are steps you can take to reduce how much you pay on a truck hire.

Here are five particular factors worth keeping in mind to help you save money on your next rental truck.

1. Choose the right truck

If you’re going to hire a truck, make sure you choose the one that is actually right for what you need. Consider what you need to transport or what you want out of your rental truck, and then compare them with the types of truck rental companies have on offer. There’s no point paying extra money for a truck that can hold more if a smaller, more affordable truck will be able to hold everything you need with similar ease.

2. Compare

Different rental truck companies will have different rates, so it’s always worth taking the time out to compare the key ones in your area. When doing so, be sure to consider what you need and how long you intend to rent a truck out for. Because even if a company has costly short term rental costs, their long term rental costs could end up being much more reasonable. So benchmark the prices off what you want, not just general observation.

3. Book early

As is the case with many companies, the earlier you book with them, the cheaper it will be. This often rings true with rental truck companies. So if you know of a big job or task you’ve got ahead that’s going to require a good truck or two, make sure to look at what’s out there as soon as you can, and then book with the company you’ve chosen ASAP.

4. Take care of the truck

Now, naturally this is something almost anyone would do with a rental, but taking care absolute care of it is going to benefit you when it comes to your financial situation. Whether it’s in the form of a deposit when you rent the truck out or additional charges that could apply after-the-fact, if you happen to damage a rental in any way, shape or form, you could be charged more – which means you either don’t get your full deposit or you’ll get a nasty surprise when you bring it back. There are, of course, extenuating circumstances to things like this, but generally you’ll be better off if you can keep the truck in one piece.

5. Refuel

Depending on the company, if you return a truck without its fuel being almost full, that may come out as an additional charge. This additional charge can often cost more than the amount it had cost you to fill up the truck. So it’s always wise to have the fuel tank full before bringing it back.