5 Weird and Wacky Refrigeration Facts

Refrigeration may sound boring, but we think it’s actually pretty cool. In this blog, we’re sharing some weird and wacky refrigeration facts.

1. There is a world record for most fridge magnets

Do you decorate your fridge with magnets? Louise Greenfarb from Nevada USA holds the Guinness Book Of Records for the most fridge magnets, with more than 45,000 magnets! She started collecting in the ‘70s and now has some magnets displayed in a museum.

2. Early Fridges were huge

The first fridges in the 19th century weighed 5 tonnes! They wouldn’t fit inside your house, obviously. Later, some fridges were installed by cutting a hole in your floor.

3. Albert Einstein is a co-inventor

Albert Einstein is credited with being a co-inventor of the first refrigerator. Not busy enough with all his other discoveries, he also came up with the idea for a fridge while he was a student.

4. Early fridges could hold elephants

Early fridges in the 20th century were built to be strong. In 1939, as proof of their fridge’s strength, Frigidaire got a 4-ton elephant to stand on top of it. They then opened and closed the door to prove that their seals were still airtight.

5. The world’s largest fridge is 27kms long!

The world’s largest refrigerator is known as the Hadron Collider. It’s 27 kilometres long and uses 9300 magnets and over 10,000 tonnes of liquid nitrogen for cooling.

We hope you enjoyed learning these fun refrigeration facts!

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