6 Unique Ice Cream Spots in Brisbane

unique ice cream spots in South East Queensland

South East Queensland is a holiday mecca for both locals and tourists – with its pristine beaches, tropical islands, breathtaking scenery and relaxing vibe. The sub-tropical climate also means that it’s perfect for ice-cream. You can find plenty of special ice-cream options from restaurant quality to vegan- friendly gelato. If you want to taste world-class ice-cream flavours, here’s the most unique ice cream spots in Brisbane.

Unique Ice Cream Spots in Brisbane

If you like long, sunny summers, Brisbane is one of the best places for you! Our hot and humid climate is the perfect environment for cold treats – the ice cream van is a hallmark of Brisbane summers after all.

In 2017, a Brisbane sorbet was awarded Australia’s best ice cream. Milani House of Gelato from Hamilton won the title for its second year in a row because of its dark chocolate sorbet – a must try according to Brisbanites.

Brisbane knows what’s up when it comes to frozen treats and sweet confections. Here’s a roundup of some of the best ice cream parlours you can visit in Brisbane!

  • Milani House of Gelatobecause it’s award winning (see above)!
  • Lick Ice Cream – offers gluten, nut, dairy and egg free ice creams in 600 different flavours. Sorbets and a wide array of sweet treats and dessert are also available. Lick now has a branch in Morningside that you can visit!
  • La Macelleria – makes ice cream on site and uses traditional methods straight from Bologna. Created by Italian natives Matteo Zini and Matteo Casone, La Macelleria’s gelatos are freshly made in an open kitchen using produce which is in season.
  • Nom Nom Natural Gelato – is a crowd favourite for those who want a taste of sophisticated ice cream flavours on a budget. Nom Nom Natural Gelato uses all-natural ingredients and offers a wide array of dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan choices.
  • Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van – wins hearts whenever she makes a stop in the streets of Brisbane. This bright red English Bedford van is owned by Sam Coco who knows a lot about ice creams.
  • Gelato Messina – first started in Sydney, Gelato Messina has taken Australian by storm with their mouthwatering and often unusual gelato flavours. You can now a branch in Brisbane’s South Bank.

Brisbane’s Top Ice Cream Flavours

There are many sophisticated ice cream flavours in Brisbane that are worth mentioning, here are just a few that you can choose from!

  • Mandorlino – A full taste of premium almond paste with a touch of hazelnut paste and amaretto, enriched with caramelised almonds. You can taste it at La Macelleria.
  • Pandan and coconut sorbet – nothing is more unique than this tasty ice cream flavour. You can find it at Gelato Messina.
  • Torched banana split – a best-seller from Lick with condensed milk vanilla bean ice-cream.
  • Nutella Cornucopia – who doesn’t love Nutella? You can go to Nitrogenie in Stanley Street Plaza to enjoy this ice cream flavour.