8 Benefits of Hired Refrigeration Solutions in Brisbane

benefits of refrigerated truck rentals
While Brisbane is blessed with sunny and warm weather most of the year, it can cause some issues for temperature sensitive foods and products. Fresh and frozen foods especially rely on consistent cold temperatures to maintain quality and safe food standards.

So how do you preserve temperature-controlled items, particularly when transporting them or storing off-site? The answer is mobile cold rooms and refrigerated trucks!

The benefits of hiring a mobile cold room or refrigerated truck for either the short or long term are endless. For businesses in particular, having a flexible and reliable refrigeration solution can be the difference between business failure or success. 

To help you find out how valuable mobile cold room solutions can be for you and your business, there are no less than 8 benefits:

You can test out a new business idea

Many different businesses need mobile cold room solutions. For example, restaurants, caterers and convenience stores, as well as pharmacies, labs and even art galleries.

While it would be nice to have your own fleet of refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans and mobile cold rooms, this is not feasible for many businesses starting out. It’s much better to rent a few instead, that way you can see whether your new business venture is viable or not. 

You can avoid heavy losses if your start-up fails

Starting a business is risky. You can do your best to avoid it, but there is always the possibility your start-up could fail. But that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself.

There are plenty of ways you can keep your finances from getting all used up. One is renting instead of buying a refrigerated truck. While buying one costs tens of thousands of dollars, renting one for a day can cost less than $100.

You’ll be able to expand easily

If your business is a success, you’ll likely need more mobile cold room solutions. You can’t transport your rising number of perishable goods without increasing the number of refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans or mobile cold rooms you have on hand.

You can still choose to hire one over having your own even if your business grows. Sometimes this is the safest way to test out your expansion before overcommitting. 

It will be easier to keep your overhead low

While owning your own cold rooms or refrigerated trucks may be more cost effective in the long run, if you only need them on a temporary or sporadic basis, it can make more financial sense to hire them when you need them. Look at the most effective set up for you and your business and start crunching the numbers, you may be surprised. 

You can keep your business-related stress to a minimum

Owning your own refrigerated vehicles means you have to stay on top of maintenance, and if they do break down, they can end up costing more than they’re worth. You can avoid this by hiring, as all vehicles and cold rooms are regularly serviced and taken care of by the hire company.

You won’t need to have mobile cold room solutions year-round

Not all businesses need mobile cold room solutions throughout the year. Some food businesses only need them seasonally.

Say you own a restaurant with only one location and you don’t do deliveries. You don’t need to own any refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans or mobile cold rooms because you don’t need to transport food and drinks daily.

But you’ll need one if, for instance, you decide to attend an annual festival with your restaurant. Afterward, there’s no need to worry about additional fuel and maintenance costs for the rest of the year.

You can make sure your event is a success

You can benefit from a refrigerated truck, refrigerated van or mobile cold room rentals even if you don’t sell perishable goods.

Do you have an event coming up? You’ll need to hire one if you’re hosting an event where you’ll serve food and drinks, like a community festival.

Unless you plan on hosting the event regularly, it makes more sense to rent than to buy a mobile cold room solution.

You can make your business agile

Every business has ups and downs. When customer demand is high, you need a lot of refrigerated solutions ready to be deployed 24/7. But in the quiet periods, it’s quite the opposite. If you rent instead, you can keep just enough to meet demand, letting you handle your expenses better and keep your business protected.