A Mobile Cold Room: It’s The Missing Piece of Your Party Puzzle

With COVID restrictions easing across the state, parties are back just in time for the new year!

However, keeping your food and drinks cold in Queensland’s heat can be a logistical nightmare… There are only so many overflowing fridges and eskies full of melting ice that one event can handle!

That’s why a Mobile Cold Room is the missing piece of your party puzzle. Check out its benefits:

Mobile Cold Rooms Are Convenient

The secret is in the name – they are great for parties because they are mobile!

That means that it doesn’t matter where you need your cold room to be… it is easily transportable to move to any shady spot or travel with you should your event need it elsewhere.

The power of convenience will ensure your party is a huge success.

Choose Your Temperature

Unlike an esky full of ice, a mobile cold room won’t start to warm up or melt as the party goes on. 

You’ll have the power to select what temperature you want your food and beverages stored in and have peace of mind knowing the temperature will remain consistent throughout the day.


It doesn’t matter how big or small your event is, there is a Cold Room perfect for you.

Depending on the amount of food, drinks or people that are attending your party, you may need to go up or down a size to suit your needs. 

At Brisk, we have different sized Mobile Cold Rooms for exactly that reason. Have a look at your sizing chart:

Mobile Cold Room Sizing Chart

There is also no limit on the events that a mobile cold room is useful for. Check out our blog on 10 Events Perfect For a Mobile Cold Room.

If you have an event coming up, make it a great one by Hiring a Mobile Cold Room. If you have any questions about our fleet, contact the team at Brisk today!