Advantages of Mobile Cold Rooms

Mobile Cold Roomstruck

If your business is in the area of foodservice and doesn’t utilise a mobile cold room (or operates a permanent cold room), then you may wonder what they benefits of having one are. For many business – restaurants, caterers, convenience stores etc. – cold rooms are a necessity to keep your produce from spoiling while it’s stored away.

However, there are certain advantages to having a cold room which is mobile, but are often overlooked because many business don’t consider taking on extra storage opportunities. Below we explore how a mobile cold room can be beneficial to your business.

They’re cost effective

While many business invests in fixed walk-in cold rooms for storage purposes, the reality is that installation of this kind is particularly costly. Keeping fans running and cool air circulating adds to your electricity bill, plus there’s annual maintenance costs to ensure your cold room is performing as it should. Moreover, if you’re installing a cold room to a pre-existing structure, this disrupts your workflow as you’ll need to allow tradesmen on your premises during regular business hours.

The benefits of a mobile cold room, then, is that these regular costs are non-existent. You simply hire out a truck, and are instantly afforded all the benefits a walk-in cold room typically offers. Brisk also provides short- and long- term rentals, allowing you to balance costs and demand as you see fit.

Take it with you

If you find yourself in a situation where you’d need to move premises, then a mobile cold room allows you to do so with relatively limited hassle. Conversely, an in-store cold room is a fixed structure, meaning that you’ll have to remove your goods, or dwindle your stocks down in advance (which isn’t particularly beneficial to your business as you won’t be well-stocked).

As mentioned above, walk-in cold rooms can be costly investments, too, so installing something you can’t take with you may not always be practical from a business perspective.

Free up your on-site space

In meeting consumer demands, it’s often imperative to maximise your internal, on site-space, particularly when demand is high. For example, a restaurant or catering service operating during the holiday season will need to be stocked much higher than usual.

With a mobile cold room, maximising space for your produce becomes more feasible, as you’ll have an extra room situated outside your premises to utilise at will. This also gives you the versatility to stock your internal spaces with what you’ll need to meet more immediate demands, increasing your efficiency.


Another benefit of mobile cold rooms relates to the range of sizes which clients can choose from. At Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals, we offer Commercial Refrigerated Utilities, Vans and Trucks (Drive on an Australian Open C Class License) and Pallet trucks (MR Class License), which allow 1-4 and 6-8 pallets of storage space, respectively.

Moreover, we offer single passenger side door and double rear door combinations; thus, you can stock, unload and manoeuvre your cold room more easily around your premises and docking bays.

Temperature control

A final benefit of mobile cold rooms is temperature control. With a Brisk Truck, you can adjust temperatures ranging from minus 18 degrees to ambient, which is also displayed digitally for ease of use. This allows your to store and monitor your produce at the required temperature consistently, which will prevent it from spoiling or deteriorating.

Lastly, Brisk Trucks are completely sealed and insulated to protect your goods against outside elements and extreme temperatures outside.

If you’re looking to rent or buy a refrigerated truck for your business, Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals offers a range of rent/buy fridge truck options. To find out more, give us a call on 1300 798 558.