Are Electric Trucks The Future Of Refrigerated Transport?

Electric trucks have been on the rise in recent years, as we look for more eco-friendly ways of transportation. Recent innovations in electric vehicles and rising demands make it seem likely that the future will be green.

By 2030, it’s estimated that electric vehicles will account for 30% of all vehicle sales. This growth is due to consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles. The price of electric batteries has also decreased, making electric vehicles more affordable.

There is also strong pressure from governments to reach carbon emission reduction targets, and this is driving us towards more electric vehicles.

What Does This Mean For Refrigerated Transport?

In the refrigerated transport industry, there is a growing trend to replace diesel trucks with electric ones. It’s not just about the truck’s engine, there’s also the power needed to run the refrigeration.

Refrigeration units are being refined to use a battery-based, all-electric system. There are many benefits of electric refrigeration systems, including:

  • Fewer moving parts than traditional compressors
  • Electro-mechanical expansion valves
  • Simplified wiring
  • Accurate temperature sensors
  • Better temperature control
  • Higher reliability
  • Fewer maintenance costs

Electric refrigerated vehicles are less noisy to run than diesel, and so can comply with sound regulations for urban areas. They will produce lower carbon emissions and can meet sustainability targets.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and more readily available in the logistics and transport industry.

Although it will still be some time before the cold chain can become completely electric, it does look like refrigerated transport has a bright future.

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