Are There Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerate?

Storing your food in the fridge can be a good way to extend its shelf life and prevent it from going off. However, are there some foods that you shouldn’t refrigerate?

The answer is: yes. Some foods will last better and be more tasty if stored in the pantry or on the bench. Here’s just a few to get you thinking. 


Bananas should be stored at room temperature. This helps them to keep ripening if they are still green. The natural light and air also help to slow down decay. 


If your coffee is stored in the fridge, then it’s more likely to pick up other flavours around it. Instead, it’s best to keep it in a sealed container in the pantry, away from sunlight. 


Honey should be stored in a cool, dark pantry, not in the fridge. Placing it in the fridge makes it harden and lose its gooey texture. 


Placing your bread in the fridge or freezer can make it go hard and stale. Bread that’s stored at the incorrect temperature can also go mouldy quite quickly. It’s best to store your bread in the pantry. 


Hard or unripe avocados can’t ripen in the fridge. Leave them on the bench until they become softer or you cut them open. Then, place them in the fridge. 


Potatoes should also be stored at room temperature to maintain their texture. They can spoil more easily if left in the fridge. 

Now that you know some foods don’t enjoy refrigeration, you might like to rethink your kitchen habits. 

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