Keeping your cool this Australia Day

It’s only a couple of weeks until we celebrate Australia Day for 2015.

For many of us, that means relaxing with friends, BBQs, a few drinks, and maybe even listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100 if you’re so inclined. But regardless of how you spend your Australia Day, the middle-of-summer heat and can be a bit to contend with. So to help you keep things as chill as possible this Australia Day, we’ve listed some simple things you can do.


Slip ‘n’ Slide

The slip ‘n’ slide has managed to become fairly synonymous with Australia Day. While it may not have the exact same cooling abilities of new-fangled technology such as air conditioning, the slip ‘n’ slide is more enjoyable, which helps balance it out. You can either buy slip ‘n’ slides or go old school and lay down a tarpaulin – just make sure the tarp is absolutely covered in water to avoid unpleasant friction against your skin. If you’re drinking on Australia Day, remember that safety is important. And it’s best to avoid taking a turn on the slip ‘n’ slide when you have a drink in hand.

If you happen to live in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, take note that a massive slip ‘n’ slide will be put up in each city in the lead up to Australia Day. The dates are as follows:

  • Bartels Road, Adelaide –Sunday 18th January
  • Lansdowne Street at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne – Saturday 24th January
  • Parkes Drive, Centennial Park, Sydney – Monday 26th January (Australia Day)


It’s basically like a slip ‘n’ slide, only you’re entirely surrounded by water and there’s no slide whatsoever. A better way of saying it is that a pool is a great way of bringing your body temperature down on hot days – which Australia Day often proves to be. It honestly doesn’t matter whether you’re playing pool games or you just decide to laze around in the water, a splash in pool can help avoid health issues like heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. So if you’re finding the heat overwhelming on the day and you’ve got a nice pool nearby, be sure to go for a swim.


Australia Day is when patriotism is at an all-time high, and what’s more patriotic than cracking open a nice, cold beer? That may be more of an international impression of what Australians love to do, but it’s hard to deny that BBQs and drinks are enjoyed on our national holiday. And when the mercury is rising, cold drinks are a great way of staying cool. So not only will you want a plentiful supply of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), but also plenty of storage for them, be it freezers, Eskys, or hired cold rooms. Just remember to pace yourself.

Head inside

Provided you’re not out and about at one of the official celebrations for Australia Day, you always have the simple option of heading inside if things get a little hot for your liking. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to a pool, but most places these days do come with air conditioning – given Australia’s climate, it only make sense that this has become commonplace. If you don’t have air conditioning, keep in mind that you can buy portable systems. They do cost a little bit to purchase, but future, bearable summers will make the investment very much worth the initial expense.


How do you stay cool on Australia Day? Let us know in the comments below.


Image: “Aus Flag” by Lachlan FearnleyOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.