Australia’s iconic ice cream vans

home-ice-cream-truckWith the weather heating up, what better time is there to enjoy a delicious, cold soft serve?

Australia has a good history with ice cream vans (and near-home ice cream deliver), with many still being a staple at popular public spaces. As we firmly believe in keeping things chill at Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals, we’re shining a spotlight on two of Australia’s most iconic mobile ice cream contributors.

Mr Whippy & other ice cream vans

Of all the ice cream vans in Australia, Mr Whippy is probably one of the most iconic. As a brand, Mr Whippy has been around since 1962 and managed to expand beyond its Sydney beginnings to cover the majority of Australia. It also formed a presence in New Zealand in 1964. Nowadays, Mr Whippy remains popular in both countries, though New Zealand has a stronger presence of fixed Mr Whippy stores along with the mobile ice cream vans.

In Australia, the majority of mobile ice cream vans are found at places such as beaches, popular public parks and at events that include carnivals and school fetes. As with Mr Whippy vans, many ice cream vans aren’t exclusively ice cream. Some will also offer hot snacks such as chips and hotdogs/dagwood dogs.

Home Ice Cream

Another iconic Australian ice cream van (or, in this case, ice cream truck) comes in the form of Home Ice Cream. The beginnings of this beloved franchise started in 1959 when Keith Reisinger, a refrigeration engineer in Toowoomba, decided he could manufacture his own high-quality ice cream using Darling Downs milk from the region. His project started as a small plant at the back of his home that became known as Pixie Ice Cream.

As the business grew, Keith and his family built a larger factory on the outskirts of Toowoomba. The factory was used to product Pixie Ice Cream products, as well as the products of other brands under the role of a contract packer. Over time, the Reisinger family realised that to progress their own future, they would have to expand their business in a more substantial manner. As a result, Home Ice Cream launched in 1988.

The business started in Brisbane initially, with drivers making fortnightly rounds through suburban streets. As all products were sold in bulk, it meant savings could be made. Nowadays, Home Ice Cream is a franchise with a presence in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and major coastal populations between Sydney and Cairns.

Unlike the traditional ice cream vans of Australia, Home Ice Cream acts more like a travelling seller of boxed ice creams like those you would find at your local grocer or supermarket.


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