Are you ready for the festive season?

christmas-mealWith Christmas less than a month away and New Year’s following close behind, December is a big month filled with the mad rush of buying presents and celebrating the festive season in our own unique ways.

While we know not everyone observes the Christmas holiday, most of us do take time off during this time of the year to spend with family and/or friends. So whether you’re working towards a huge Christmas Day celebration or simply having a celebration with those you love, here are some ways to prepare for Australia’s hot and sunny festive season.

Keep cool

Unlike our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, Australia doesn’t have a white (or cold) Christmas. Instead, we get sunshine and, in the case of Queensland (and other more tropical parts of Australia), we also tend to get quite a bit of humidity. Heat is manageable, but humidity can be exhausting. It can also be a risk to your health, especially for infants and the elderly.

Wherever you’re holding your Christmas celebrations, make sure you’ve got an area where people can cool off – be it a room pumping air conditioning, a pool, or somewhere under the shade complete with an array of ice cold drinks. At home, either consider having a cool Christmas meal or cooking outside on the barbecue. This will prevent you from using ovens inside and making the house even hotter. If you’ve got air conditioning, keep it running. Need ice? Make sure you’ve got plenty of it on hand.

If you’re someone who likes to hold massive Christmas or New Year’s parties for a lot of people, then you may need a bit more room to store your food and drinks. In this instance, you can hire out something like a mobile cold room for a day or two to achieve that extra storage space.

Get your presents now

It’s no secret that almost any shopping centre becomes a hectic mess of a place in December as people rush to get presents and other festive items. So if you haven’t grabbed your presents or other items/gifts, it’s best to do it sooner rather than later. Of course, there may be some things that you’ll have no choice but to leave until a little later – such as any meats, vegetables, or fruits you’ll be having on Christmas Day – but everything else should be a matter of buy now, give later.

An array of drinks

No doubt you have your own preferences when it comes to food and drink, but remember that the festive season is also a time where people may be looking to have a few and relax. So along with the kid-friendly drinks, don’t forget to consider what everyone likes. Of course, the responsibility shouldn’t just be on one person’s shoulders. If there are simply too many people with too many different tastes, make it a BYO affair. Either that or get them to pool money for one person to go out and grab the drinks in one go.

Make sure that your drinks aren’t all comprised of liquid courage, however. Remember to have hydrating beverages, as well. Whether you just fill up numerous jugs of water or buy some drinks like Powerade or Gatorade, people will want to rehydrate so they don’t wake up with unwanted hangovers on Boxing Day.

Hold on to what you have

If there are any drinks left after Christmas, think twice before you give them friends and family to take home with them. Unless they were the ones who bought the respective drinks, remember that New Year’s is only a week away. So instead of having to go back out and spend X amount on more beverages for ringing in the New Year, you may just save yourself some money by holding on to what you currently have. And let’s face it, people are exactly flush with cash during the festive season.


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