Benefits of Mobile Cold Rooms

Keeping things cool outdoors - mobile cold room

Almost all foods are perishable, and keeping it all fresh and free from contamination is a daily challenge for businesses such as restaurants, cafes and bars. If your business is in the foodservice industry, you’ll know refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms do this job beautifully and are an essential fixture. But have you considered utilising mobile cold rooms?

Actually, anyone throwing a large party at home, hosting a corporate event or running an outdoor function, will benefit from having access to a mobile cold room. It can really make things a whole lot easier…

So, let’s explore the benefits of mobile cold rooms.


Apart from keeping things conveniently cold, mobility is the number one benefit of mobile cold rooms. The convenience this offers is unmistakable. Simply drive it wherever your party, function or market event is and away you go. The only limitation is the need to access a power source.

No more organising a bunch of eskies, containers and tonnes of ice to keep things cold… when a mobile cold room is parked nearby, things couldn’t be more convenient.

Cost Effective

Essentially mobile cold rooms offer all the benefits of a fixed walk-in cold room but at a fraction of the build and operating costs.

Available to hire for a day or for several months, mobile cold rooms are a cost effective way to add cold storage to your business and even boost your business. They are an affordable way to keep things cool at any event.

Companies like Brisk Fridge Trucks Rentals offer flexible hire options, so you can afford to use their portable mobile cold rooms, coolrooms and mobile freezers for as long as you need.



As already mentioned, mobile cold rooms are suitable for use by businesses and individuals for all sorts of reasons.

Home party or functions
Extra cold room space for restaurants, cafes and bars for large events
Engagements, weddings
Corporate events
Product launches
Sports events
Home farmer butcher
Emergency backup refrigeration

Additionally, they are available in various sizes. Some can even fit in a standard garage.
At Brisk Fridge Trucks Rentals the sizes and structure available are shown below:

Temperature Control

Freezer temperatures

Obviously, you need to know your food, drinks or other goods are staying constantly cool. Mobile cold rooms have digital temperature controls with the ability to adjust the chiller and freezer temperatures to suit your needs.

So now you know the benefits of mobile cold rooms, but If you’re still wondering how your event or business could benefit from renting or buying one, the team at Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals can help. Contact Brisk.