Would You Eat Black Ice Cream? The Strange Dessert Comes to Brisbane


The people of Brisbane are going crazy for black ice cream.

But looks can be deceiving. You could be mistaken for thinking it’s liquorice flavoured, given its deep black colour, but it’s actually coconut soft serve. It’s been turned black thanks to the buzz ingredient of the moment: activated charcoal.

The interesting looking dessert is causing quite a stir, with people lining up to get a taste (and a photo). It’s available at Eat Street Northshore markets from new vendors Double Good.

Dubbed the Black Elvis, it’s made up of activated charcoal coconut soft serve, adorned with two Oreos in a chocolate waffle cone.

As well as the activated charcoal ice cream, Double Good have their equally photo-worthy watermelon soft serve (inside an actual slice of watermelon) and state fair funnel cakes with rainbow ice cream.

Along with Double Good, there have been some other new additions to Eat Street Northshore. Ela Greeko, serving up Greek delicacies like Yiros, Beef Skewers, and Feta Fries, and also Revolver, offering an entirely gluten free menu, from fried chicken to donuts and eclairs.

Venues like Eat Street have great food and interesting items like this to keep people happy and more likely to return, but it all relies on everything running smoothly and safely behind the scenes.

Providing the best quality fresh and frozen products to a very picky crowd can be tough, particularly as a stall holder in a market setting. Having good quality mobile refrigeration will ensure things like watermelon ice cream and charcoal soft serve are served at their very best quality, every time.

Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals have a large selection of mobile cold rooms and fridge or freezer vehicles to help your stall or venue to run smoothly.

Would you be game enough to try the Black Elvis? Head to Eat Street Northshore to try it and see more on offer to eat and drink.