Australia’s iconic ice cream vans


With the weather heating up, what better time is there to enjoy a delicious, cold soft serve? Australia has a good history with ice cream vans (and near-home ice cream deliver), with many still being a staple at popular public spaces. As we firmly believe in keeping things chill at Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals, we’re…
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In focus: Brisbane Festival


As a Brisbane-based company, all of us at Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals have a soft spot for the annual Brisbane Festival. This year, the event kicks off on Saturday 5 September, and there’s plenty worth checking out, with the 3-week festival coming to an end with the iconic Sunsuper Riverfire along South Bank on Saturday…
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4 upcoming Brisbane school fetes


As the weather edges back towards Spring in Brisbane, more and more school’s are throwing fetes, fairs, carnivals – whatever name you prefer. These events are rarely just for those who have kids attending the school, but are rather a great way for the public to spend a day. In this blog, we’ve listed four…
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What you can do at Ekka 2015


The Ekka is here for another year in Brisbane. At Brisk Fridge, we love any type of celebration, and the Ekka is certainly one of Brisbane’s biggest. From the food to the rides lining Sideshow Alley, we’ve listed just some of the things you can do and check out this year. For a closer look,…
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6 upcoming Brisbane events to keep an eye on


Brisbane is, without a doubt, one of the best cities to hold a large range of events and festivals. With our warm climate and moderate winters, most days are sun-filled and perfect for getting out and about. If you’re currently trying to think of some Brisbane events to attend over the next few months (besides Brisbane…
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Samsung’s Transparent Truck could save lives


Road safety is incredibly important, and Samsung’s recent efforts to improve said road safety is something worth talking about. One of the most recent and exciting steps to be made in the move towards safer roads comes courtesy of the South Korean tech giant. The company recently tested out a number of ‘transparent’ trucks on the roads of Argentina,…
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The game changing features of RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) has become an effective and growing technology among several industries, particularly those involved in transport, logistics and vehicle hire. RFID is, in essence, a substantial evolution on the humble barcode. As an example, imagine your typical in-store grocery shopping experience. Currently, each product has a barcode that has to be scanned individually…
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4 things to do in Brisbane this winter


Winter in Brisbane isn’t necessarily the coldest affair, but rather things get a little milder (though truly cold days aren’t unheard of). While we may not get the full sense of seasonal changes here, we do benefit from still having perfect conditions in which to get out and about. In this blog, we’ve listed some…
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The rise of the food truck

In recent years, food trucks have become more and more commonplace, with many of them offering the types of meals and snacks that people would happily wait in a massive line for. Businesses that run through a food truck can benefit from the nature of its mobility. Costs are typically lower for the initial construction…
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