5 bizarre road rules from around the world


Australia’s roads are governed by a series of logical and effective road rules that help keep all of us safe while driving. For the most part, road rules around the world tend to make a lot of sense, but there can be some that are confusing, hilarious or outright concerning. These are the road rules…
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Organising formal events


When it comes to organising events, those of a more formal or professional nature can be quite daunting. But a successful formal event, as with any other event, all comes down to proper planning. As long as you plan and organise everything in a clear, defined manner beforehand, you’ll find that running a formal event is far easier.

Enjoying Easter in the heat


With Easter almost here for 2015, we offer some tips on how you can enjoy the day without being overwhelmed by the remaining Australian heat.

Christmas in Australia – staying cool

With the heat and humidity of an Australian Christmas, staying cool is important. Here’s a list of the simplest ways to achieve this.