What to Look for in a Refrigerated Truck Hire Company

refrigerated truck hire company

Looking for a refrigerated truck hire company in Brisbane? There’s a few things to consider to make sure you choose the best company and have a positive experience.  Are they an experienced company? When choosing a refrigerated truck hire company, you’ll want one that offers expertise in the industry. To preserve your goods in optimum…
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Hiring a Refrigerated Truck In Brisbane – What’s Involved

Hiring a refrigerated truck can solve all your transport needs, whether it’s for work, social activities, or leisure.  Industries using refrigerated trucks include flower retail wholesale, marketing and promotion, catering and home delivery, food processing companies, grocery wholesale and retail, rotary and social clubs.  Whatever you’re transporting, there are few things to consider to make…
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Transporting Refrigerated Goods – The Need-To-Know Guide

If you are transporting refrigerated goods (even if you’re simply hiring a mobile cold room for the weekend) there are a few things you need to know to ensure the quality of these products is maintained… This applies whether you are transporting meat, beverages, fresh produce or pharmaceuticals. Read on to ensure you’re doing the…
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How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Event Industry In Australia?

Social distancing is just one of the impacts on the events industry

Across Australia, everyone is getting used to the ‘new normal’ with social distancing, venue check-ins and plenty of sanitiser.  While restrictions have eased across the country, there are industries that are still feeling the impact of the pandemic. Many are suffering from the continued consequences of lockdown.  The event industry is one of these. The…
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A 5 Point Checklist For Choosing A Mobile Cold Room

A mobile cold room

If you are buying or hiring a mobile cold room, there are a few variables you will need to think about. Knowing what you need to consider when choosing a cold room is crucial so you are sure it will meet your needs. Use this handy five point checklist to get the ideal cold room:…
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A Mobile Cold Room: It’s The Missing Piece of Your Party Puzzle

With COVID restrictions easing across the state, parties are back just in time for the new year! However, keeping your food and drinks cold in Queensland’s heat can be a logistical nightmare… There are only so many overflowing fridges and eskies full of melting ice that one event can handle! That’s why a Mobile Cold…
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Top Tips For Getting The Most Out of a Mobile Cold Room This Summer

With a scorching Queensland summer in full swing, a Mobile Cold Room is more necessary than ever. Summer hosts a myriad of events that need a mobile cold room and you’ll love the convenience and portability that these cold rooms have to offer.  However, mobile cold rooms in 40 degree heat do have to work harder…
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Benefits of Mobile Cold Rooms

Keeping things cool outdoors - mobile cold room

Almost all foods are perishable, and keeping it all fresh and free from contamination is a daily challenge for businesses such as restaurants, cafes and bars. If your business is in the foodservice industry, you’ll know refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms do this job beautifully and are an essential fixture. But have you considered utilising…
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