Bringing in the New Year

With Christmas done for another year, our attention now turns to ringing (or bringing) in the New Year.

For many of us, New Year’s is a more adult-focused celebration, with food and drinks of the alcoholic variety being the order of the day – or, in this case, night. If you opt to celebrate the arrival of 2015 at your own home with a party, here are some important points to keep in mind.


Food and drinks matter equally

If you’ve been able to drink legally for a few years, then you’ve likely encountered those New Year parties where the ratio between food and drinks feels a little off, usually in favour of there being more alcohol than anything else. While it’s no secret that people like to loosen up and celebrate on New Year’s, that’s no exactly a good enough reason to be lacking in the food department.

When looking at it from a health perspective, too much alcohol and not enough food can be fairly dangerous. That’s because drinking on an empty stomach leads to quicker and more severe cases of intoxication. Before you know it, your party could go from a bit of fun to being overrun by rowdy drunks. So you need to ensure you’ve got plenty of food on hand for the night so that people can at least pace themselves a bit more.

Cool storage

While New Year’s celebration may happen at night, that doesn’t stop the heat and humidity Australia is known. That means food and drinks will warm up if not kept in cool storage. Of course, you know this, but it’s always worth assessing how many people are coming to the party and, by extension, how much storage you’ll actually need. If you believe your own fridges, freezers, Eskys and tubs filled with ice won’t be enough, ask a couple of close friends if they could bring an Esky themselves. In the instance you’ll need a lot of cold storage but don’t have friends or family that can help out on that front, you can hire out something like a mobile cold room for the night.


It wouldn’t be a New Year’s party without some type of entertainment. Luckily, the definition of entertainment is pretty broad. Sure, you could have a jumping castle and someone DJ’ing, but you can just as easily have music – that’s entertainment. The big one you’ll want to remember, of course, is having a TV, radio or something similar clocked in to the New Year countdown. It would certainly be awkward to have  New Year’s party only to then realise midnight has come and gone and no one thought to shout out “Happy New Year!”

A place to stay

If there’s one night when people will be drinking, it’s on New Year’s. While many of your visiting friends and family will find their own ways home via cab, Uber or a designated driver, some may want to stay the night – even if that’s a fact they spring on you at the party itself. It’s always worth being prepared, so make sure you have at least a couple of spots where friends can sleep if they’re a little too buzzed for their own good and don’t have a suitable means of getting home.