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How To Get the Most From Your Rented Mobile Cold Room or Freezer

As the weather starts to warm up, now is the perfect time to hire a mobile cold room or freezer. Whether it’s for a birthday party or a work function, a mobile cold room can help make your spring events a big success. Before you hire a mobile cold room or freezer, there are some…
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How Refrigerated Vans & Mobile Cold Rooms Can Enhance Your Business

As we head into summer, hiring refrigerated vans and mobile cold rooms can be a great way to enhance your business.  Whether you’re transporting fresh produce, meat or flowers, or organising a business cocktail party, having plenty of cold storage is crucial.  Hiring refrigerated vans and mobile cold rooms can bring many benefits to your…
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Important Things to Consider When Buying A Used Refrigerated Vehicle

Buying a used refrigerated vehicle can be a great next step for your business. Whether you’re transporting fresh fruits, meat, frozen food or flowers, owning a refrigerated vehicle can give you great flexibility.  Before you buy a used refrigerated vehicle, there are a few important things to consider. Read our top tips to make sure…
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Know Your Hire Vehicle’s Fuel Capacity – Avoid Being Stranded

Truck stopping for fuel

When you hire a vehicle like a refrigerated truck, it’s important to consider it’s fuel capacity to avoid being stranded and make sure you reach your destination.  Factors like size, model, and engine of the truck and the load you’re carrying will impact the vehicle’s fuel economy and capacity.  Here’s some top tips to make…
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Hiring a Refrigerated Truck In Brisbane – What’s Involved

Hiring a refrigerated truck can solve all your transport needs, whether it’s for work, social activities, or leisure.  Industries using refrigerated trucks include flower retail wholesale, marketing and promotion, catering and home delivery, food processing companies, grocery wholesale and retail, rotary and social clubs.  Whatever you’re transporting, there are few things to consider to make…
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Transporting Refrigerated Goods – The Need-To-Know Guide

If you are transporting refrigerated goods (even if you’re simply hiring a mobile cold room for the weekend) there are a few things you need to know to ensure the quality of these products is maintained… This applies whether you are transporting meat, beverages, fresh produce or pharmaceuticals. Read on to ensure you’re doing the…
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Benefits of Mobile Cold Rooms

Keeping things cool outdoors - mobile cold room

Almost all foods are perishable, and keeping it all fresh and free from contamination is a daily challenge for businesses such as restaurants, cafes and bars. If your business is in the foodservice industry, you’ll know refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms do this job beautifully and are an essential fixture. But have you considered utilising…
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10 Events Perfect For a Mobile Cold Room

Outdoor party scene

We all know summer in Brisbane is hot, REALLY HOT! And we love to enjoy a cold drink or two at an outdoor summer event… That cold drink probably came from a nearby mobile cold room no matter what the outdoor event, function or party you’re attending. Mobile cold rooms reliably cool things down, provide…
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The 3 Important Factors For Transporting Meat

Meat in supermarket

Food poisoning can cause serious illness and even death. And contaminated meat is often the culprit. So knowing how to safely transport it is very important. When transporting meat, the objective is to get it from A to B in ‘as sent’ condition; free from contamination and totally safe for consumption. According to DoFoodSafely, food…
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5 Things to Look For When Choosing Refrigerated Transport

Fish in freezer and a truck on the road

So, you have temperature-sensitive goods to get from A to B and you’re wondering how to do it, this article can help… We explore 5 things you should look for when choosing refrigerated transport. Temperature specifications You’ll need to know the exact temperature your goods need to be transported at. This is critical to ensure…
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