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5 Weird and Wacky Refrigeration Facts

Refrigeration may sound boring, but we think it’s actually pretty cool. In this blog, we’re sharing some weird and wacky refrigeration facts. 1. There is a world record for most fridge magnets Do you decorate your fridge with magnets? Louise Greenfarb from Nevada USA holds the Guinness Book Of Records for the most fridge magnets,…
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Top 3 Weekend Markets in Brisbane

Weekend markets are a great way to find fresh produce, try new flavours and meet your local community. Markets are popping up all over Brisbane, giving you access to a wide variety of multicultural cuisines and trending foodie fixes. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide where to go. In this…
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How Refrigeration Has Changed The Way We Consume Food

Can you imagine life without refrigeration? While refrigeration has become an essential part of everyday life, it wasn’t always like this. In this blog, we’re looking at how refrigeration has changed the way we consume food. Preserving Food Before refrigeration, people use different methods for preserving foods. For example, meats were cured through dehydration, smoking…
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Are Electric Trucks The Future Of Refrigerated Transport?

Electric trucks have been on the rise in recent years, as we look for more eco-friendly ways of transportation. Recent innovations in electric vehicles and rising demands make it seem likely that the future will be green.

Cool Ways To Get Into Australia Day At Home

Across the nation, on January 26th, Australia Day is driven by hundreds of local community events, generating community spirit and a sense of togetherness for many Australians. But you don’t have to join the crowds at an organised event to enjoy the day. Here we list 5 cool ways to get into Australia Day that…
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5 Essentials For Any Outdoor Event

Christmas has passed, the new year is almost here. In a blink of an eye, it will be Australia Day and the kids will be back at school. In the meantime, it’s time to have some fun in the sun! Summer in Queensland brings imagery of swimming pools, sausage sizzles, ice blocks and fresh fruit….
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The Best Way to Transport Fresh Produce During The Queensland Summer

Summer in Queensland can get hot… very hot.  Unfortunately for lovers of fresh produce, this heat can have a range of negative effects on all the food we love to devour, including meat, delicious fruit and vegetables. In today’s blog, we discuss the best ways to keep produce fresh and safe during transportation, particularly during…
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Hiring a Refrigerated Truck – The Beginners Guide

Hiring a refrigerated truck can be a great option for your business, home or hobby. It’s affordable, flexible, and cost-effective compared to running and maintaining your own fleet. If you’re a beginner in hiring trucks, this article is the perfect place to start. We’ll walk you through our top tips to ensure you have the…
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What’s Popular In Queensland Fresh Produce?

Ideal weather conditions across Queensland mean that all our favourite winter produce is ready. Head to a local farmer’s market this weekend to pick up some of the best locally grown fresh fruit and veggies.  If you’re trying to get ahead of the weekly shop and looking for some inspiration, check out some of this…
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