6 important qualities to have as a caterer

Are you interested in becoming a caterer? If so, then it’s worth keeping in mind that there are qualities you’ll most certainly need to have.

From the ability to handle stress and remained organise to standing by the quality of your service, here are six must-have qualities to being a caterer.


1. Organisational skills

Catering is as much about deadlines as it is about the quality of the food and drinks you serve. That’s why you must have excellent organisational skills. A chaotic kitchen is an unfocused one, and without a clear, logical outline of what’s to be made, how it’s to be made, and when it has to be delivered, you’ll find a catering job is next to impossible. So focus on being organised. If you’re personally not too good with organisation, it may be reading a book or two filled with organisational tips.

2. Stay calm

Another important quality is the ability to remain calm. Catering is a very demanding profession, and you’ll likely be working non-stop (and we’re being very literal here) for hours and hours at a time. If an employee can’t come in because they’re feeling sick and you don’t have a replacement for the day, then the demand on you will increase all the more.

If you don’t deal well with stressful situation, then be cautious with entering the catering industry. It doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to handle the demands its presents, but there could be a notable adjustment period as you get used to the frenetic nature of the job.

3. You must be good with clients

If you’re in catering, then your interpersonal skills need to be top-notch. You should be able to build a good rapport with your clients, those you’re serving on their behalf, as well as listen to exactly what your client wants. Yes, they’re hiring you for your skills, but they’ll also have specific wants and expectations, many of which can greatly help you in refining your menu and service.

Also remember that when the rush comes and things get a little more stressful, your client may be just as stressed as you are. If they’re concerned, do your best to assure them everything is running smoothly and under control. It’s natural for people to fret when a certain aspect of an event is out of their hands.

4. Have a niche / unique style

As a caterer, it’s always worth having a specific niche, style or set talent that’s unique from the majority of your competition. Often, it’ll be that very niche that gets you hired. Whether this niche comes in the form of the style of food you offer, having a more extensive range for people with special dietary requirements, or even the personality of your company, they’re worth pursuing.

5. Don’t compromise

As with any other business, success doesn’t just come from the quality of your product/service, but also your ability to not compromise on your value. In other words, don’t back down on your price. No matter how much a prospective client may argue against your price, claim they can get it for cheaper, or simply save money by catering for an event themselves, do not waver.

Your price is your price for a reason. It’s for the quality of your food and beverages, it’s for your hardworking staff, it’s for your customer service and ability to deliver on time. You should never compromise on the value of your catering company, especially if taking a cheaper pay puts you in a financially difficult position. You do not want clients who’ll put you through that type of situation.

6. Be flexible

Last but not least, you’ll need to be flexible. Sometimes certain situations happen that can not be avoided. For example, just 10 minutes out from serving dinner, you’re informed that the dinner’s main guest won’t be arriving for another 30 minutes. While it may be frustrating, you’ll need to be able to put on a smile and improvise, ensuring you can set back the serving of dinner an additional 20 minutes. Situations like this will happen often, so you’ll need to be ready for them.


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* Image source: “Catering” by nmlind100_3062. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.