Catering a Halloween Party in Southeast Queensland

Catering a Halloween Party

With Halloween right around the corner and living in Queensland, that definitely means an outdoor party, but how are you going to cater your outdoor Halloween party? In this post, we share some tips for catering a Halloween party in Southeast Queensland, so you can serve some spookily awesome food and beverages and keep it all cool with Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals and mobile cold rooms. 

Fright Night Menu

Match your food offerings to your scary decor – serving dishes like skulls are always a hit; pumpkins too; ghosts, goblins, black spiders and black cats are all great ideas to lend to your Halloween theme. There are limitless possibilities to what you can come up with for your spooky appetizer table.

A Grave Matter

Think about logistics at a party, having just one table for food and beverages for your guests means a lot of congestion. Add the idea that your guests will most probably be wearing weird, wonderful and elaborate costumes and you may be in for a bit of a mess. Table space is most often forgotten about when it comes to planning a bigger party – many find that once the party gets started, table space vanishes! Between food and drinks, the amount of invitees, the surface area of every table comes at a premium. Make sure, you have at least 2 or more tables for the party to relieve some of the pressure of finding space for everything later.


Finger food is best for parties like these. You don’t need to do anything too formal as you are planning for people in costumes looking for a quick bite before getting back on the dance floor or playing some Halloween party game you’ve concocted. Think chicken wings, individual sausages, pre-cut sandwiches, and foods that resemble actual fingers! Don’t forget to put that extra Halloween twist – add eyeballs, spiders, edible cobwebs,“bloody” gooey sauces etc. Have everything ready on trays inside your refrigerated truck or mobile cold room for your guests – and don’t forget to prepare plenty of napkins too! Wait to add ice to any drinks or to bring out any food that needs to be warm until numbers have accumulated.

The Great Exodus

All your guests will leave your party eventually, even if that time is the next day, there will certainly be a big clean up to do. To avoid a monumental headache the night (or day after) of your Halloween party, have a simple cleaning set up beforehand that way you can avoid any food mess before it comes stale or too sticky to deal with. This could be by using only paper plates and plastic cutlery for easy disposal; keeping food in aluminum trays to make it easier to get rid of the remnants etc.

Keep your cool

You don’t just need space for your guests, you also need to think carefully about space for your catering needs. Keep everything cool and spookily awesome by planning your outdoor Halloween party early. Have your menu and ideas ready so you know how much refrigerated space you’ll need – whether a mobile cold room or a short term refrigerated truck for your event is better. Think about ways you can stack items, using trays, plastic tubs or clean cardboard boxes. Drinks can also take up a lot of room.