Catering for weddings – what you must account for

wedding-ringsA person’s wedding day is often considered one of the greatest experiences anyone can have in their entire life (usually only falling behind having kids).

With such a sense of importance placed on one day, catering for a wedding can be a very confronting task. And no matter how experienced you are in providing catering services for weddings, there are always small missteps that can be made.

In today’s article, we look at three things you must always account for in preparation for catering to a wedding.

The right amount of food

As a caterer, no doubt you’ve become very talented at knowing how much food and drink to have for different events and weddings. But it’s always worth double/triple-checking how much will be needed for something as important as a wedding. After all, when this is considered one of the biggest days in anyone’s life, getting order numbers wrong can prove disastrous.

Ultimately, no matter how much someone tells you that a certain amount will be fine, it’s always worth taking extra. Finding yourself short-handed when the bride and groom realise that someone had a bigger appetite than expected can lead to some an embarrassing situation. Of course, if you end up having less than enough champagne or alcohol on hand, it could become an even bigger problem.

Taking more may mean there could be some leftovers that will need to be disposed of, but it’s a much better scenario than being blamed for not thinking of such variables.


Different foods can take different amounts of times to prepare – that’s a given. But when you’re a catering company, it’s likely you’ll do most preparation on the day. After all, an official business is bound by certain health and safety regulations that your average person isn’t if they’re just ‘bring along something’ for the wedding. Fresh produce does matter, as does on-the-day preparation for the majority of that produce in question. But if there is anything you can have prepared earlier in the piece, it’s worth considering it. Because what can feel controlled and of no concern the night before could become an absolute nightmare to have ready for consumption on the day itself.


Most food needs to be kept fresh, and refrigeration / freezing is what’s going to happen with the majority of the food before it’s taken out for cooking or construction. If you don’t have them yourself, you’ll need to consider mobile cold rooms. These cold rooms can come in a variety of sizes (from vans to trucks) and can also offer a wide range of temperatures. So if you’re going to need temperatures that are of a substantial coolness, then make sure the mobile cold room you hire can reach that. Even a matter of a few temperatures can change produce.


If you’re currently in the search for a cold room with your catering services, give Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals a call on 1300 798 558 to find out more about our range of refrigerated trucks and vans.