Catering Your Family Reunion

Catering Your Family Reunion

Grandma’s special chocolate recipe is on the table and so is Uncle Pat’s BBQ Ribs along with Aunty’s famous potato salad (you’ll have to ask her secret later)…there’s nothing like a family reunions. Family members can reconnect and reminisce about the past. The sense of belongingness and the delight of being with people who love you make them extra special.  They’re great to attend but what if you’ve been assigned to hose the party? It can get pretty overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. In this post, we share some tips for catering your family reunion.


Consider all your guests when preparing your family reunion menu – a mix of guests of all ages will be a part of your reunion, thus have varying food preferences. Prepare a menu that has something for everyone – from kids to adults; vegans to meat lovers – cover all bases. You may wish to hire caterers or enlist the help of some family members to help prepare and cook the food.  Or have a mix of both (you’ve got to feature the special dishes that your family members are known for).

Here are some tips for feeding a crowd:

  • K.I.S.- just like most things in life, the k.i.s motto is the way to (as they say ‘keep it simple’). If you decide to cater your reunion in-house (the family doing the prep and cooking) pick recipes with fewer ingredients that have less prep and cooking time; do as much as you can well in advance of the family reunion.
  • Estimate portions as accurate as you can. There’s nothing worse that running out of lechon (roasted pig) at Filipino family reunion or baklava at a Greek family reunion. By that note, it’s all terrible to over-guesstimate and have years worth of leftovers.
  • Choose recipes intended for large groups – converting a recipe for two doesn’t translate to a recipe for 200 at a family reunion simply by multiplying the recipe.

Mobile Cold Rooms

Whether you engage professional catering services or plan to cater your reunion yourself, refrigerated truck rentals or mobile cold rooms are integral to making sure your food (either pre-prepared or cooked on site) stays fresh, with temperature control to prevent food from spoiling or deteriorating. If you’re looking to rent a refrigerated truck or mobile cold room for your reunion, Brisk Fridge Truck Rentals have a wide selection to suit your unique requirements.


If you have a family member or relation who has a space spacious enough to accommodate everyone, then that is certainly an option for your family reunion. Alternatively, you can hire an event area. When choosing a location, try to choose one that is most accessible for all. Also consider, what sort of activities do you have planned for the reunion? Will there be need for a grassy area/field for the family game of footy or cricket? You could hold the reunion at a park. Just make sure to reserve it in advance.

Here are some ideas for your next family reunion:

  • Family picnic in the park
  • Potluck menu with recipes from all
  • Restaurant Buffet
  • Weekend Away (accommodation needed to be considered also)