Christmas in Australia – staying cool


Living in Australia does bring with it some genuinely unique experiences.

First of all, did you know that only about 12% of the entire world’s population lives in the Southern Hemisphere? That means we’re a select group of people who experience a summer Christmas, which is great if you love long, sunny days – but the heat and humidity can be a lot to take on sometimes.

Staying cool

No doubt most of you are fully aware of the potential health risks that excessive heat and humidity can bring about, with big two of the biggest being heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The key to avoiding these is, obviously to stay cool. But it’s also about staying hydrated. Remember that even if you don’t have chilled water, room temperature water will still hydrate you all the same. However, if you can drink chilled water or other hydrating drinks such as Powerade, then that will help you keep your body temperature down.

We suggest stocking up on plenty of cool, hydrating drinks, especially if you’re going to be spending your Christmas outside – such as at a park or otherwise. If you’re having a big party and Eskies aren’t enough, consider hiring out a mobile cold room for the day. Don’t forget to find somewhere with plenty of shade. If there is no natural shade, then take some with you in the form of mobile shade covering. Applying sunscreen doesn’t just stop sunburn, but also helps reduce the amount of heat you feel during the day.

If you’re having Christmas at home, then you’ll naturally have some mod cons that will make staying cool easier. Even if you don’t have air conditioning, fans go a long way in keeping everyone comfortable. Combine that with cool drinks and even a cold Christmas lunch/dinner, and it should be a comfortable Christmas all-round. Last but not least, if you have a pool, make sure you use it.