Christmas Time Catering Tips

Christmas time Catering

How will you cater your holiday party? In this post, we share some Christmas time catering tips.

Corporate Catering

Want to treat your staff, clients and business guests to a memorable event? Whether it’s onsite or hosted at an exclusive location of your choice, Christmas Catering is made easy when you know you can hire a mobile cold room or use a refrigerated vehicle to house your Christmas food and beverages. Even if you hire a caterer, many catering businesses will need a mobile cold room or refrigerated vehicle.  Office Christmas parties are an excellent opportunity for your team members to get to know each other outside of work. Strengthening personal bonds makes your employees happier and more efficient.

Personal Catering

Feeding family or friends can be extra stressful during ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. With the extra pressure of delivering a special event, you can have one less thing to worry about knowing your food and beverages are kept cool with a mobile cold room or refrigerated vehicle. Particularly if you take the party off-site say to the beach or the park.


Options range from classy canapés and finger foods with cocktails to a large buffet with multiple options for guests. Much of this will be largely dependant on your budget, guest preferences, and theme, but the idea is to break from the classic cucumber sandwich platter to something innovative and memorable. A bit of variety can ensure there’s something for everyone. Often the biggest hurdle for hosts is keeping cold food cold, and hot food hot.

Food Prep Guidelines

  • When budgeting/planning round up your food quantities, don’t round them down. It isn’t nice when guests need to get fast food on their way home, or worse, leave early because they are hungry!
  • Assume some food selections will be more popular and serve more of them and less of some others.
  • If a guest has dietary or other considerations that prevent them from taking a few of your menu items, it is important to take care of their needs.
  • When serving in a Cocktail Party, remember that finger foods that seem the most popular menu items are unlikely to be popular for more than a couple of service rounds, so again variety can be a better choice than more of the same foods.
  • If you opt to go the buffet route, offer both hot and cold foods on the buffet and consider textures and balance – creamy, crisp, crunchy, light, dense.

Plan Ahead

As it’s such a busy time of the year, make sure to beat the rush! If you want a refrigerated vehicle or to hire a mobile cold room, get your orders in early so you can manage holiday catering easily. You can hire through us here!

Transportation Needs

The last thing you need in the holiday season is to be struggling to fill orders because you don’t have enough transportation to deliver the goods. As the point before, plan ahead!

To minimise disruption to your deliveries, we make sure our vehicles are up and running and most importantly, keep cold!


What will you do if your vehicle breaks down right in the middle of the holiday season? This could lead to loss of product for your Christmas and/or New Years Eve parties or in some cases for some, loss of business (think of those Food vendors selling yummy Christmas Treats!). At Brisk Fridges, we make sure to be there when you need help.

All vehicle hire comes with support, contact us today to learn more.